Saturday and Sunday August 10th and 11th, Finally...The Weekend!

After having such a busy first week of school, we were very excited about the weekend! The best thing was that there would be NO alarms going off at 5:30am.   Unfortunately my alarm went off at 6:30am, but it was okay because I was going to my first St. Jude Marathon Hero training run!  Daddy was on "official kid duty" for the morning and all three of them actually slept in a little while Daddy did some of his projects at home. At the run, I met tons of Hero's that were raising money for Ingram and all the kids at St. Jude; it was very emotional for me but I'm so glad that my training for the marathon has started!  I'm pretty sure at some point, I'll be wishing I was still in bed instead of running at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning!!  Once I was back and told about every detail, we headed out to do a few hours of errands and had tons of fun with Lindsey and Ingram while Madison had her own plans for the day!

Sunday was an extra special day for us because Lindsey was (finally) getting baptized!  Ever since she accepted Christ a few years ago, Lindsey has been terrified to get baptized for some reason.  Craig and I have talked to her about it off and on, but it turns out that Madison and Ingram were more instrumental in her not being scared to go under the water.  Lets just say that playing in the pool all summer and getting "dunked" by Madison playing games in the pool paid off!  It turns out that she was just scared of going underwater backwards and holding her nose.  During her actual baptism, Lindsey let Daddy "help" baptize her just like he did with Madison. Lindsey was so excited about getting baptized that she could not do anything but smile and giggle.  Of course it didn't  help that Mr. David was being silly in the water right before she came into the baptistery, but I'm pretty sure he did that on purpose to keep Lindsey from getting nervous.  Mimi, Pops, Carley, and Grandmother came down from Jackson for the service and afterwards we went to Lindsey's restaurant of choice...Red Robin.  After a very exciting and long dinner, we had fun taking some pictures before our Jackson peeps had to hit the road.  My two favorite pictures were without a doubt Lindsey photo bombing Carley and Madison and Ingram sitting on Grandmother's shoulders!!! What a day, what a day!!

The Little Two Monkeying Around!

Can You Tell How Proud Madison Was Of Lindsey!

The Traveling Quartet!
Pops, Mimi, Carley, And Grandmother!

Check Out That Smile!
It's The Kind Of Smile You Can See In Her Eyes!

Still Smiling And It's Even Bigger!

Ingram Putting On The Cheese With Mimi And Pops!

Madison And Carley With The Photo Bomber Extraordinaire!

No Words To Explain This One Other Than...Yes He Did!

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