Saturday and Sunday August 24th and 25th, Where'd Everbody Go?

Early Saturday morning Craig and Lindsey left for a soccer tournament in Birmingham for the weekend.  The rest of of us stayed home so that Madison could go to "a middle school thing" with her friends.  It has officially begun, you know, where friend plans trump (on occasion) family plans.  Ingram was upset that he didn't get to go to the tournament and stay at a hotel...until we went swimming Saturday morning.  Apparently that was all he wanted to do at the hotel so he was pretty happy just swimming around at home with Madison and Megan.  That crazy kid, he can swim just about anytime at home but wanted to travel 8 hours round trip just to swim!

Once I had my senses back from overheating during my morning run, we spent the rest of the day hanging at home and Face timing  Daddy and Lindsey to see how soccer was going.  Lindsey was loving her tournament and hanging with her team on and off the field.  Madison and Megan entertained Ingram for a while before Megan had to leave and then we dropped Madison off at her "Poster Party" with a ton of new friends.  When we got back home, Ingram realized that no one was home to play with and he got tired of me pretty quickly.  Ingram started his own party, a sprinkler party!  It was so hot that I turned in the sprinklers and Ingram was having a blast running through the water and cooling off; even our neighbor Allie jumped in and played with Ingram since his girls were gone.

Madison eventually came back home and Ingram attempted to play with her and Eva for the rest of the night; I'm thinking he's going to be great when Madison and Lindsey are both full-blown teenagers!!  I can just hear it now..."Mooooooommmmmmm!  Ingram won't leave us alone" and it's going to be great!  I personally think he's practicing now so he will be really good at it by then.  Lucky for me, they gave in and played Wii with him for a while and he was a happy little brother...until it was his bedtime. 

Sunday was another great start with church, but it got even better when Daddy and Lindsey made it home from the tournament.  I am not sure who was happier, Ingram and Madison to see Daddy and Lindsey or Lindsey (on an M & M high) to have placed third in her first real travel tournament.  All I know is that we were all wiped out and very glad that we could go to bed at a decent hour for once!

Check Them Out!
04 Lady Lobos Ready For Action!

Lindsey Heading Down Field About To Take The Ball.

You Know You Want To Be A Kid Again!!

Ingram Playing "Just Dance" For The Thousandth Time!

Talking To Daddy And Peanut In Their Hotel Room In Birmingham!
Sometimes, I Love Technology!!

 Eva, Madison, Emily, And Sarah After The Poster Party!
Ingram Jumped In The Picture At The Last Minute!

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