Monday To Friday August 19th to 23rd, The Pre-Preschool Fun Begins!!

Ingram had a HUGE play date all of his friends that went to GBC last year in the 3 year old classes that met on Tuesdays and Thursdays; a big thank you to Nolan's mom for getting it all together.  They had a blast running around Kid's Play which is an indoor play area with inflatables and the playgrounds like at restaurants.  It was great and they all loved it!  It was really hard to get them to be still to take pictures so there weren't a lot taken.  We played for a couple hours then we all made a mass exit so that it would be easier leaving; there could be tons of meltdown if one kid was having to leave while others were playing, so we avoided thankfully avoided any of those!  We also took Madison to the orthodontist after school and Ingram of course had a blast while we were there.  Both of the girls had soccer practice (at different locations of course) and we were all exhausted by the time we hit the beds!

Tuesday was another fun day because we got to go to St. Jude!!  We love it when we have appointments up there and get to see friends.  Ingram saw Mrs. Angela for his Speech appointment and he did a great job with all of his blends and his tricky words too.  Ingram has improved sooooo much since his surgery that he has actually graduated out of Speech Therapy!  This is huge for him and means that he has overcome so many of the issues that he had in the beginning; the only letters he can't produce easily and clearly are the ones that are part of regular development and not surgery/radiation/chemo related.  He promised to come back and see Mrs. Angela whenever we have appointments at SJ to give her a hug.  We also saw our ENT doctor and found out that Ingram still has a little bit of drainage, but it's definitely seasonal stuff and not an infection which is good.  I even got to look through the little scope and saw the inside of Ingram's nose...not a pretty picture, but it was still pretty neat.  Once again, both girls had soccer at different locations and we had lots of homework that made for an interesting night!

Wednesday was great!  Ingram had a fun day at home and getting to take Daddy lunch at the office.  We went to the girls' soccer games after school; this time, they were playing back to back games and on fields right next to each other.  It was so much fun to see both of them playing; we even got to catch up with some of our old friends during the games and Ingram played the entire time with his buddies!  To say that putting him to bed was really easy was a very big understatement. 

Thursday was another extra special day and Ingram got to go to our preschool and see his friends again while we had the parent meeting.  When I went to get him afterwards, his face was as red as a tomato and his hair was soaking wet from playing on his school playground.  I think he's going to love being back at school, especially playing on the playground!  He also snuck away and when I found him, he was in his new classroom carrying on a conversation about everything under the sun with his new teachers; it took forever to get him to leave his room and that's another reason I know he's going to love being back at school.  Well, and the fact that he has been asking every day that the girls go to school if it's his day to go back yet. 

Friday, Ingram stayed at home with Mimi, Beau, and Izzy while I went to St. Jude for the day without him.  It feels weird to be there without him, but this is the second time I've done it and it for a good reason too.  I'm actually part of the volunteer team at SJ and am on the Family Advisory Council which is soooo cool!  I was there all day in meetings and at the end of the day found one of our pictures from the "jumping photo shoot" a few weeks ago hanging in one of the conference rooms.  A bunch of our ALSAC friends were in there in a meeting, but they let me come inside and check it out.  I got to tell them a quick update on the whole family too!  On the way home from St. Jude, Madison called and told me she made her middle school soccer team and was soooo excited.  Once Lindsey got home from Bible Club, we headed out for dinner and ice cream to celebrate the end of successful end of another school week and making the soccer team!!

Uh Oh...Busted By Mommy!

Only A Third Of The Partying Preschoolers!

Snacking On Some Gibson's Donuts On The Way Home From St. Jude!

We Decided To Eat A Little Before Lunch Before We Took It To Daddy's Work!
After Two Cheese And Rice Quesidilla's And Some Chips, He Was Finally Full!

I'm Official!
I Even Have A St. Jude Email Address And Badge!!

The Whole Crew Jumping For Joy!!

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