Tuesday to Friday July 30th to August 2nd, Seriously...School Already???

You've got to be kidding me!!!! It's still July (okay for at least one more day) and we have to go to school and get registered for the new year which starts in less than a week!!!  What happened to when we were kids and started school toward the end of August and still got out before Memorial Weekend in May???  Oh I am soooo not ready for school, but the kids are all excited about seeing all of their friends, getting their schedules, and finding out who's in what classes and the whole deal.  I have to admit that even though I'm dreading getting back in the school routine, I absolutely love that they're this excited!!!

Once again, Lindsey hit the door at 7:30am to head off to soccer camp while we headed off to school to get everything done before she got back home.  Madison kept rushing me to get out the door  because she didn't want to be late; the crazy thing about that is that we live less than 2 minutes from the school and still had an hour before we were supposed to be there.  I told you she was excited!!!  Ingram started in on me too so we finally left about 30 minutes before we needed to and got everything finished before most of Madison's friends even got there.

Ingram had a blast at Houston Middle School and saw a lots of the same kids from Dogwood.  Of course he was being a booger and wanted to leave and go to Dogwood where he knew where everything was and could run around freely.  Madison took us on a mini tour of the school and we were able to see where all her classes would be and even checked out the lockers too.  She said you never know what we might find in them and sure enough, one locker was full of something very interesting!

Madison had an ice cream party for back to school with some of our neighborhood kids that were now going to the middle school and Ingram and Lindsey tagged along as well.  When we got home, Madison started feeling sick and running a little fever; an hour later, she was begging to go to the doctor and that NEVER happens with her.  It turns out that she had every symptom of strep throat possible, but the strep test was negative; he fever went up 3 whole degrees while we were at the Minor Med and our sweet nurses gave her medicine to bring it down and washcloths to cool her off.  Poor girl was so excited about school and now we're just hoping she'd get to start on her first day.  We made her stay away from everyone else while we waited to see if the anything grew in her culture over the next 48 hours; finally at the end of the second day her fever broke and she was oh so very happy!  She celebrated with Ingram and Lindsey by having a water balloon fight in the driveway then jumped in the pool in her clothes.  About 5 minutes later, she headed back upstairs to go to bed because she had exhausted herself. 

Guess Who's Idea This Was??

Madison Was Almost Passed Out At The Minor Med From Her 103 Degree Fever!

Celebrating The End Of An Intense Soccer Camp With Some Pretty Cool Friends!
Lindsey, Kylie, Campbell, Caroline, And Maggie

"No Mo Fever" Party Complete With Water Balloons!

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