Saturday and Sunday August 3rd and 4th, More Family Time

Saturday was a pretty sad day for us because Granny (my grandmother) passed away a little after 11am; she had lived longer than any of us had expected. We had been so lucky to have so much time with her and the kids all loved her sooo much, but we knew that she was much happier in Heaven with Jesus that down her on Earth with us. We all have such special memories with Granny and know that she loved each one of us and her Heavenly Father more than life itself.  Ingram for one, loved to ride around in Granny's wheelchair and loved hiding behind her chair for some reason. 

Sunday we had family day once we were home from church and lunch. We (unintentionally) cleaned out both of the girls rooms and closets and had a huge mess upstairs! What a great way to start the new school year right? Even Ingram got in on it and cleaned out his room and made a car parade down the hallway. He even helped his girls pick out their clothes and gave his approval on what they were going to wear the first day of school. After all that craziness, we piled in the den for a family movie night! The lights were off for the movie and out of the blue Ingram started crying; we had no idea what it was, but there was stuff running all down his chest next to his port. Lindsey saw it first and screamed "His Port!!!!!" and we went into panic mode thinking something was wrong with his port and he was bleeding all over the place!

Once we got him into the kitchen and turned on the lights, we realized it was chocolate ice cream and his port was totally okay. He was still crying though, because he dropped a whole spoon full of chocolate ice cream and gummy bears and we were laughing at him instead of helping clean him up. Beau woke up from his nap in the other room from all the commotion and was the first on to try and help clean Ingram up while we were all still laughing! And the craziness continues...

Hanging Out With Granny Last Month At Home While She Was
Still Able To Get Out Of The Bed.

If You Could Have Seen And Heard The Panic Just Moments Before!!

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