Friday and Saturday July 26th and 27th, BBBOOOAAATTT!!

Well to say we're still excited about Ingram's MRI and tap results is an understatement.  Oddly enough, even with the recurrence of several friends in our Cancer family, having clear results gives us a little relief, but already knowing when Ingram's next scan is kinda stinks.  But for today and I'm sure the next few days, knowing that there is no sign of cancer at this current moment is a reason to celebrate...and even eat a little extra ice cream!

We headed to the Lake Saturday morning with the Whelan family and Ingram was bound and determined to ride in the car with Collin.  We rearranged kids and headed off on our journey with Madison and Emily in our car and Lindsey, Collin, and Ingram in the Whelan's car.  Even though Ingram was in a separate car, , he hollered out the traditional "BBBOOOAAATTT!" as soon as he saw the first boat to let them know that they were now at the Lake.  Some things never change and it sure was funny to hear their recap of the ride! 

Once we hit the water, everyone wanted to head to the cliffs and jump; all five of the kids jumped off several times and then our water daredevil begged Daddy to let her jump from the stump!  I held my breath for her while she got ready and shooting off she went into the water.  After cliff jumping, everyone tubed and had a great time!  Madison and Emily got the biggest air on the tube and then Lindsey, Collin, and Ingram unintentionally got a pretty big air too.  Daddy is very lucky no one got hurt because he would have been in some serious trouble!  Our kids wanted to teach Emily and Collin how to wake board and knee board; knee boarding was super easy for them, but wake boarding is just hard to learn for everyone!  Amy and Tim tried out the tube, knee board, and skis, it was time to head home since it was already getting dark. 

After a long day on the lake, we were all ready for some serious food, but we wound up at Waffle House.  Don't get me wrong; we love eating at Waffle House, but it was almost 9pm and freezing cold inside!  Luckily, we had some long sleeves and blankets in the cars and we brought them inside to keep warm from the icy blast of the air conditioners.  I'm pretty sure both cars of kids fell asleep in record time and had dreams of donuts behind the boat all night long!

Emily, Madison, Lindsey, Collin, And Ingram Ready For The Water!
Ingram's Even Sporting His Flintco Shades!

First Jump...Success!

It's A Bird, It's A Plane...Its Super Ingy!!

Collin Competing With Ingram For Superhero Status!

Madison Getting Her Jump On!

Emily, Lindsey, And Madison Making It Look Easy!

Emily, Collin, And Amy (Their Mom) Hanging On Tight!

Aren't They Cute??
They Have No Idea What's Coming Next!!!

Hold On!!!!!!!!

Daddy:  "Why Did You Let Go Of The Rope?"
Ingram:  "I Was Cold." 
Daddy:  "Oh.  Do You Want To Go Again?"
Ingram:  "Yes, But Can The Girls Swim Next To Me While I Knee board
And Splash Water On Me So I Don't Get Cold Again?"
Daddy:  "Uh...No, But Nice Try!"

Madison, Emily, And Lindsey!

First Try For Collin On The Knee board!

Emily Learning To Knee Board Too!

Lindsey Taking Over Madison's Knee Board Trick!

"Are You Kidding Me??
She Did My Trick?"

"I Bet She Can't Do This Trick!!"
Ingram Waving To His Audience On The Pier!

The Lone Wake Board Survivor Getting Some Air!

Ingram's Happy Spot!

Madison And Emily Getting Some Huge Air!

Lindsey, Ingram, And Collin Getting Their Own Air!

Kids:  "Please Let Us Ride Together On The Way Home??  We Promise We'll Sleep!"
Parents:  "Uh...No...Ha...Nice Try!"

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