Sunday July 28th, A "Reel" Good Time!

On the way to church this morning, we saw signs all over our neighborhood for a lemonade and popcorn stand benefiting St. Jude, but we weren't sure who it was.  We were determined to stop by after church and make a donation and meet some new neighbors too!  It turns out that it was the Ables family that we had met at GBC picking and dropping off Ingram in the Spring and they live just down the street from us.  How crazy is that?We had a great time chatting and telling a little about our SJ story.  The kids were flagging cars down on the street and raising money for SJ; we are very excited that they are supporting SJ through running the Half-Marathon in December as a Hero and helping to "make it better" for kids like Ingram!

We headed over to the Rookers new house after nap time for some outdoor fun!!  The kids fished and swam and fished some more; they even chased the cats and watched one of the cats try to eat a mole that it caught.  Ingram and all the boys (Daddy, Mr. Brent, and Mr. Rooker) threw the football and hit golf balls all over the yard...and into the lake.  Lindsey and Madison rode the Ripstick and kicked around the soccer ball with Alden and Allie too. 

I think my favorite part of the afternoon was sitting and watching all the kids (yes, I'm even including the over age 18 kids here too) run around and play on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  The worst part was trying to wrangle my crew together so that we could leave, but for some reason that I will not name...okay, it was was like pulling teeth to leave at the end of the night.  Oh well, I guess outdoors, you just never know what all will happen, especially when you put fishing poles in our kids' hands! 

Sweet New Neighbors Raising Money For St. Jude!

Ingram's Working "Reel" Hard To Catch A Fish!!

But Lindsey Was The First To Catch A Fish!!
And She Caught Several Of Them Too!

Reeling In A Biggie!

Getting A Hold Of His First Fish!

Squeezing His Fish!!

Getting Slapped By His Escaping Fish!!!!

Madison's First Fish Of The Day!

Working Her Magic With Fish Number 2!

Time For Some More Fishing!
The Dismuke's And Rookers (Minus Josh And Plus Allie)

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