Friday January 27th, Dinner and Driving!

Well, we're still super excited about Ingram's scans to say the least!  Going through the days leading up to scans are very emotional and exhausting and we try to keep ourselves busy and distracted leading up to them.  Then we've got to add Madison's fever that she's had since Sunday night/Monday morning that's really getting on our nerves.  She's been out of school all week long and we've been doing our best to keep the kids separated as well.  On top of being sick all week, missing her friends, Madison was really upset tonight because our family was invited to an ALSAC event and because of her fever, she was unable to go. 

Craig took Lindsey and Ingram to the Tri Delta Dinner and St. Jude Patient Panel while we stayed at home.  We love the Tri Delta Sorority for all the fundraising they have done for St. Jude, but they take things to a whole new level when it comes to raising money!  They have raised $20 million for St. Jude over the past 10 years and that's 25% of all the money raised by 100+ fraternities and sororities for any charity.  Of course our girls love the Tri Deltas even more because of how much fun they had with them at James Madison University and University of Virginia this past October on their business trip with Craig. 

Ingram and Lindsey had such a fun time at the dinner and got to talk to a few other patients but a whole lot of the Tri Delta girls too.  They had sooo much fun that it was 10pm before they were even back to the car to head home.  During the patient panel, Ingram and Lindsey answered some of the questions on stage of Ingram shouted out "Get Your Move On!" again.  Anytime he has access to a microphone, he says it and everyone seems to laugh too!  They were so excited to get to see Liz, whose sister battled cancer, and Lauren from JMU and Elly and Anne Marie from Virginia; we also just found out that the Tri Delta chapter at James Madison University was named as the "Sorority of the Year" at their school which is pretty exciting!

While they were gone, I finally convinced Madison to leave the house and we rode around in the car for about an hour so that Madison could get out of "Jail" as she calls our house; the poor girls hasn't been out since Sunday afternoon.  We drove by two of our old houses in our area and just had a fun time goofing off in the car together.  Neither one of us thought riding around in the car could be so much fun!  Once we got back home, we finished a movie and then she was asleep before Craig and the other two even got home.

Lindsey And Ingram At The Tri Delta Dinner!
Lindsey's Even Wearing Her Tri Delta T-Shirt That The Sweet Gals At JMU Gave Her!

I'm Out Of The House!  I'm Out Of The House!

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