Sunday January 6th, More Magic Kingdom!

Sunday was supposed to be one of those days where it was going to be muggy and possibly rainy so we took our time leaving the villa for breakfast.  Since we were slow getting our move on, we got our breakfast to go and headed out toward the park not knowing which one we would go to for the day.  As we got closer, we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom and were so glad that we did!  The sun came out and we actually were trading sunglasses and hats trying to make sure no one got sunburned since once again the forecast changed. 

First up, a visit with Tinkerbell and her sister Periwinkle!  Ingram was quite the comedian and had all the girls cracking up while he was talking to them.  He also decided to turn his hat backwards because he kept having to move his whole head when he was looking up at them making him halfway backwards.  After we chatted up the Fairies, we headed off to rescue Princess Jasmine on Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride again.  The breeze from going around and around actually felt good since the sun was feeling a little warm.  I think this was one of the kids favorite rides at Magic Kingdom (other than the Runaway Train) and we did it a couple times; we're still lost at why they seem to like to go in so many circles all the time! 

Next we found the Jungle Cruise and it was running today so we used our magic button and went straight to the boat.  We were excited because something was wrong with this ride the other day and it was back up and running.  The gal who was our tour guide down the river was pretty funny and every one enjoyed the jokes she told.  I'm sure the jokes they tell are the same ones on each boat but she was laughing and carrying on the whole time making it even  more fun.  Okay so maybe I thought they were extra funny, but they reminded me a lot of my dad's jokes growing up and those who know my dad (aka Pops) know how his jokes are!  In the process of the Jungle Cruise, we went through an area that had "head shrinking" as part of their tribal traditions and Lindsey of all people volunteered to go their side of the river and meet them.  Our gal said that she shouldn't worry to much  about catching up with us because she would always be a head.  I know, funny right?

Since we were boating already, we decided to ride Pirates of the Caribbean again to Ingram's disapproval.  I guess he remembered the other day when we rode it and he got a little scared in the dark.  We, and the ride staff, assured him that he would fine and that he would like the ride too.  I'm pretty sure that his favorite part of the ride was exiting through the strategically placed gift shop where he played with every sword, hook, and pirate toy in reach.  All we had to do to get him to leave was to ask if he wanted to ride the Runaway Train again and we were off!

We were loving our button and pass even more right now because the line was soooo long!  We went straight up the exit and waited till it unloaded then went right on inside.  The kids were wanting to ride in the front of the train because they thought it would be faster but we ended up talking to the ride operators and they said the last car was the fastest.  Guess you know where we all ended up and it almost ended up in a fight between our kids for the back seat.  After a couple rounds on the train, we hopped off and refueled with popcorn and frozen lemonade and it was so very good!

We wandered through the middle of the park towards Tomorrow land and couldn't help but stop to pick out an ornament.  Lindsey helped me pick out the perfect one and we even got it personalized.  It was a blue "Mickey Mouse head" ball with glitter (or course) for the ears; one side already had Walt Disney World on it and on the other side we got "Ingram the Conqueror" written on it with some star designs.  He hasn't seen it yet, so hopefully next year when he opens it to put it on the tree, he'll remember how much fun he had on his Make A Wish trip!

Next up, the girls wanted to take me to Space Mountain and ride it with them since Daddy rode it the other day with them.  Oh my goodness, it was totally in the dark, super fast, with all uphills and downhills and turning the whole time.  The best thing about the ride other than doing it with my girls was that we never went upside down during all of it!  Once we came out, we met the boys and then went into the arcade and played some games for a bit.  Lindsey was playing a basketball game trying to make baskets quickly and Madison came over and tried to help her make a few; they were actually playing it together and it was so cute...that lasted for about a minute and Lindsey realized Madison was taking her balls and quickly shoved her out of the way.  Ahhhh sibling love; guess they've been too close together all week long and they're exhaustion was kicking in too. 

Madison moved over to the race car where Daddy and Ingram were racing while Lindsey played another game.  A couple minutes later, the girls were back to playing another game together to get a high score.  Those little stinkers do really enjoy playing with each other...most of the time!  Next up we found Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and we shot laser guns at the evil Zurg while we were spinning around on the ride.  Why do things keep spinning?  We all had fun shooting the targets and then seeing our pictures that the game cameras took when we weren't looking.  Since they all like spinning so much, we headed back up to the Astro Orbiter and rode the rockets around and around and around at full speed.  I'm beginning to think that all my crew wants to do is spin around all the time!

Spinning definitely was their plan because we walked out of the Astro Orbiter straight to some spinning tea cups and Craig made me go in the cup with them while he went to the restroom.  After the Mad Tea Party ride, we started to head out of the park but ran into Merida and just had to stop!  She was so sweet and so much fun to watch her talk to the kids.  I think we were all having a little bit of "red hair envy" because her hair was so bright and red and we just really miss Ingram's red hair.

Remember when we went skydiving Friday night?  Well, Madison really wanted to go again and so did Craig.  They went back to iSky while I took Lindsey and Ingram to Chuck E. Cheese just down the street.  When we were about to leave Chuck E Cheese, the giant mouse came out and of course the kids went crazy!  He had a line of kids following him and they all went to the front of the store and did a little dance to get extra tickets; you'll notice from the picture below who dances to the beat of his own drum!  Daddy and Madison each flew for 5 minutes and of course Madison was still asking for more time.  We got back just as they were finishing, but got a pretty sweet picture of their helmet hair after being in the 120mph wind for 5 minutes!

We still had about a 20 minute drive back to our place and Ingram couldn't keep himself awake for the ride.  Once we got back to the house, all we had to do was put on his pajamas and he was out!!  I guess when you're going all day long for so long and missing naps, it just caught up with him!  Guess we're not setting an alarm in the morning since everyone could use a little sleep before we go home tomorrow.

Apparently We Have A Ladies Man On Our Hands!!

Tinker Bell And Periwinkle Are Our New Favorite Pixies!

Madison Says That Ingram And Lindsey "Stole" The Control This Round!
They Stayed On Top The Whole Time!

Awww, Look Who Crawled Up And Snuck In Our Picture?

Here We Go Again!!
Ingram's Already Following His Standard Roller Coaster Riding Protocol!

Guess Who Got The Back Row??
Woohoo For The Girls!

Look Out Space Mountain!!
Here Come The Dismuke Girls!!

We Survived The Twists and Turns Of Space Mountain!
I Feel Like The Room Is Moving!

Sisterly Love Playing Basketball Together...Well At Least For A Few Minutes!

Uh Oh!  Ingram's Caught Driving Before He's Old Enough...Again!

Buzz Lightyear...We're Coming To The Rescue!
Here We Go Again....Spin Spin Spin!!

They Were Brave Enough To Talk To Merida!

This Time, Ingram Was NOT The Best Driver!

Guess Ingram Got Daddy's Moves!

Sweet Hair Huh?

And He's Out!

Still Ready For More Action!
They Could Go All Night Long!

But Not Mommy And Daddy...We're Exhausted!

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