Sunday and Monday January 20th and 21st, Holiday Fever...Really??

Sunday morning, the kids started making breakfast for everyone before we headed to church.  It was great; they made eggs and bacon and toast for everyone!  During church, Ingram's eyes were starting to look a little sad and he just didn't have his regular energy level; we were thinking that with everything going around that he might be starting to get sick so we left and took him home to have a nice long nap!  We ended up hanging out at home while Ingram napped and then watched a movie.  Of course, who wouldn't interrupt watching TV with a surprise trip to TCBY??  The kids were super excited and even went in their pajamas; I don't think anyone was shocked by that since we always get ice cream in our pajamas!

All the kids were sleeping together in Madison's room since they didn't have school which was great!  What wasn't great was that Madison came down at 4:30am burning up with fever AND a headache AND a sore upper body so then we started praying it wasn't the flu!  So after some Tylenol, a cold washcloth, and moving to another room, she managed to sleep a little bit and we kept the little two away from her for the day.  Madison was confined to her room for the day and spent most of it on FaceTime watching movies with her friends Abby, Matt, and Kate.  She nearly was online with them all day but it kept her happy and occupied while she couldn't do much else!  I'm going to let Craig explain how else we managed to keep the kids separated until we figured out what was wrong with Madison...

I took Lindsey and Ingram down to the farm on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  It was nice because we really haven't had any time off since last April.  Even after treatment ended, we still had the race to get through.  Then we had the trip to NY, then Christmas and a houseful of family staying with us Christmas Eve night.  Then there was the Make-A-Wish trip.  And then I had a business trip two days after we returned from Disney.  While we have had a few days here and there to take it easy, there has always been something hanging over our heads that was coming up which has kept us from being able to relax.  So it was nice to have a day off and be able to spend some time with the kids doing more-or-less nothing.  And that's just what we did.

The farm, as we call it, is 300 acres (or so) of land out in the country that Ashley's parents own.  It's one of those places that when you are there, if you have any ambition to get something productive done, you'll be disappointed.  We rode four-wheelers, shot guns, made a fire to cook smores, made popcorn, surveyed the entire land, and climbed up all of the hunting stands (or "Aunt Amye's forts" as Lindsey and Ingram call them).  They both love driving the four-wheelers, the big one and the little one (toy four-wheeler Ingram got for Christmas).  Unfortunately, Ingram does not know what "just give it a little gas" means.  And even worse, I had my camera in my hand while he was hammering the gas and I couldn’t reach up to pull his hand off of it.  That made for a harrowing ride for Lindsey and me.  Lindsey is a much more conservative driver than her brother - which I was fine with!  And the deer better beware, Ingram loves shooting the .22.  We only had about 30 rounds and he blew through those in 30 seconds tops (Pops, I owe you some ammo). 

It looks like Ingram has a little country in him.  It probably started when he was three months old.  Most boys that age seem to be wearing day-gowns.  But Ingram's grandparents were giving him camo pajamas.  And they have every Christmas since!  He loves it and was excited to wear his newest camo jacket.  He told me he really needed some camo pants too.  I'm pretty sure I'll be looking for some guys to mentor my son in how to be a hunter soon enough given my complete lack of experience in that area of expertise!  (This reminds me of the new VW commercial with the dad teaching his son how to throw a baseball.  Well, that guy is me when it comes to anything involving camo!  VW commercial link here.)

Sweet Kids Making Breakfast For The Family!

She May Have Fever, But That's Not Stopping Her From Hanging Out With Her Friends!

Ingram Is Totally In Charge Of Driving His Own 4-Wheeler!
Well I Guess He Thinks He Is!!

Knew That Would Happen...Too Much Back Seat Driving From Lindsey!

When Asked About His Favorite Thing At The Farm...
"Shooting The Gun, The Big Loud One!"

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