Wednesday January 2nd, Magic Kingdom!

The first full day in Florida started out in the Gingerbread House for a great breakfast (the kind our kids only get on Saturday mornings) of eggs, bacon, waffles, fruit, and of course all the ice cream and pink lemonade they could handle.  Right across from the Gingerbread House was the Enchanted Carousel and I'm pretty sure we rode it at least 5 times this morning; talk about spinning in circles way too early in the day, but the kids loved it and the volunteers got a kick out of the kids too so it was definitely high on the priority list!

So after a long first day of travel and non-stop fun once we got to GKTW, we ventured for the first time to Disney World!  We still didn't know where to start since we had never been before and decided to start at Magic Kingdom which included a car ride there, then a tram ride from the parking to the ticketing area, then a tram ride into the park...and we finally made it inside the gates by noon I think.  We had no idea what all it would entail or we would have set our alarms for "the crack of dawn early" as Madison soon suggested.  After going from spot to spot to get our stroller (Ingram hasn't ridden in a stroller in several years, but we insisted on this and all three of the kids were in it at one point!) and our assistance pass, we headed down the Main Street USA and watched a show with Mickey Mouse and the gang where they talk about wishes coming true.  Not quite sure if they knew we were there yet, but we thought it was a great way to start Ingram's wish trip. 

Next up is Adventure land and we headed to Aladdin's Magic Carpet ride where we all soared high in the sky on a magic carpet ride.  It was great and the kids were begging to go again, but we headed off to the Pirates of the Caribbean to look for Jack Sparrow in the dark and misty water on a boat ride.  We found him, but not before we got a little wet and Lindsey and Ingram got a little scared when it was pitch black and then we plunged a couple feet down into the water.  It was great and afterwards they were all laughing about it. 

One of Ingram's favorite things has always been trains so we found the fastest train ride in all of Disney in Frontier land at the Wild West Runaway Train!  I was a little nervous about him going on the ride, or really I was a little nervous about all three of the kids going on the ride; it was their first roller coaster and it was a doozey!  We did everything but go upside down and they all loved it and kept asking to do it again too.  We held Ingram tight during the ride and he didn't hold anything...except his hands up in the air like he was a professional roller coaster rider; he's definitely going to be a daredevil!!

After refueling on popcorn, cotton candy, Gatorade, hot dogs, french fries, and barbecue while we watched the parade down Main Street, we landed in Fantasy land where we rode Prince Charming's Regal Carousel and went on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.  Of course, we couldn't pass up the chocolate ice cream that was next to Winnie the Pooh and then made our way into Tomorrow land where it was actually today (another one of Madison's little sayings).

Tomorrow land was one of Ingram's favorite places of the day other than the Runaway Train and he had a blast!  He drove a race car at the Speedway and chased his girls around the track, but never quite caught up with them.  This is another one of those rides that we did over and over and over again until Daddy was talking about whiplash from letting each of the kids drive him around the track.  Since Ingram mastered driving on the ground, he wanted to drive in the sky so we headed off to Astro Orbiter and flew at top speed in a very small circle above Tomorrow land in rockets; this is the ride that I begged not to do again because of how fast we went around and around and around! 

The last thing to conquer for the day was Space Mountain and by this time, Ingram was fast asleep in his stroller!  Craig, Madison, and Lindsey climbed up to Space Mountain and flew down and around and up and down to their hearts content!  When they came out, they looked like they had definitely just climbed a mountain and had just survived their first "scary" roller coaster; Lindsey and Madison both did great and managed to come out with a smile too.  It had been a long fun day in the Kingdom, but it was time to start out back towards GKTW so we could have even more fun before bedtime! 

We figured out how to manage a dinner that everyone would like since the Gingerbread House was closed when we got back.  We ordered pizza from Mrs. Mary's Delivery and also got Katie's Kitchen veggies and macaroni to make one fabulous dinner that everyone liked!  After riding the Enchanted Carousel and eating ice cream while we waited on our dinner, the kids were fast asleep in their beds before we even sat down to figure out what we would do on Thursday. 

Breakfast Of Champions At The Gingerbread House!

Flying High On Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride!

Waiting In Our First Line Before We Figured Out How To Use The Magic Button!
Aren't They Cute??

Just Rode Our First Roller Coaster...The Runaway Train!

Love That Smile!

Pure Disbelief At How Fast We Went!

First Time Around The Track Chasing The Girls And Daddy!
We Got The Blue Car! We Got The Blue Car!

Daddy Was Brave Enough To Put Ingram In The Driver's Seat..Alone!

Now We're Really Flying High Above Tomorrow land!
Super Fast And Super Circles...Not My Favorite Combination!!

So Proud Of Them!
All Three Of Them Rode Space Mountain While Ingram Slept In The Stroller!

Our Princesses In Front Of Cinderella's Castle!

Still Out And This Was Only Day 1 At The Parks!
Nighty Night!
All My Ducks In A Row!

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