Tuesday January 1st, The Secret Is Out

Okay okay, I know, it's been over a week since there has been anything on the blog. Here's the deal...we took some time off from the blog and everything else to have some time together as a family. But now, we can let the cat out of the bag...

We just got back from a week long stay at "Give Kids The World" in Orlando Florida where we had the most amazing family time ever!! Ingram's Make A Wish trip to Disney World was better than any of us could have ever imagined. GKTW is where we stayed and also where we had absolutely no down time because we were having the time of our lives!!! We had the best family time ever thanks to Make A Wish and are excited about putting it all online but there's a week's worth of laundry for five people to do ahead of sitting at the computer!

"A few days of downtime" has never been so exhausting before in our lives, but once the laundry's done (hopefully by tomorrow night), we'll be able to share more of our adventures from the week! Here's a few things to keep the excitement brewing...Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Universal Island of Adventures, Sea World, roller coasters, sky diving, and an ER visit!!

A Very Upclose And Personal Visit With Mickey Mouse On Our Last Day!


  1. Wait... an ER visit? Yikes! I'm reading this out of order. In any case, I hope it was fabulous (except the ER visit, of course!).


  2. We are thrilled that you and your family had such a great time! Thank you for sharing your very special week with us. Please visit our alumni website, http://www.gktw.org/alumni/, in order to stay connected with us! We look forward to reading about the rest of your GKTW adventures.