Thursday, Friday, and Saturday January 10th-12th Still Playing Catch Up!

With two school days completed in our shortened week already, we were trying really hard to finish out strong and get to the weekend!  The only bad thing about being gone for a week and missing school was that when we were trying to get caught up on everything, we were really wishing we were still on our trip and checking the weather for Disney several times.  Ingram had a great day at school Thursday and so did the girls.  We spent the evening just the like the old days doing homework and getting ready for tests with the girls.  Ingram was glad that Beau was around to play with since they were busy.

After the girls went to school on Friday, we played around the house until it was time to go meet friends for Mrs. Shanda's birthday lunch!  It was so fun to sit around and chat with the girls while the kids ate at their own table.  We had to rush home from lunch to meet a very special delivery; Lindsey's Christmas present was finally here and the guys were at the house ready to bring it in to her room.  Since her nickname is Lindsey the Artisan, we had been looking for a drafting table/art desk and we finally found it.  She was ecstatic about her desk when she got home from school and pretty much was on it all weekend long. 

Saturday morning started out like old times also with Madison and Daddy headed off to the soccer fields for Madison's first practice of the season.  It was a wet and mushy day on the field but I'm pretty sure she and Craig had a great day together; they didn't get home till almost 2 in the afternoon and they left around 8:30 in the morning.  Ingram and Lindsey had their own fun at the house while they were gone playing with each other and with neighbors.  Craig decided to go ride his bike before the weather got crazy and Ingram thought he could beat him on his four wheeler.  It turns out that it was a close race, but in the end Daddy won and ended up riding out the neighborhood and Ingram could only go to the corner.  The kids piled in Madison's bed and ended up having a movie night after a late night trip to the nearest Redbox for Brave in honor of our newest red headed character Merida!

And They're Off With Ingram In The Lead!

Oh No!  They're Neck And Neck!

Daddy Wasn't Playing By The Rules And Had To Get On The Sidewalk!

Ha Ha!  Take That Daddy!
Lindsey's New Desk "Art Style!"
Lindsey's New Desk "School Style!"

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  1. I've always wanted a desk like that, Lindsey. So jealous.