Tuesday January 22nd, School Or No School...That Is The Question!

Well at least two of the kids got to go to school today!  Madison is still running fever and is quarantined to the house...against her will she would add.  She is going on the second whole day in her room and is starting to go a little nutty from being by herself.  She is quite the socialite and loves to be around people but she has almost finished a whole season of one of her shows which was keeping her occupied during the day when when all her friends were at school.  I made a quick run to the County Clerk's office to renew my car tags but decided instead to go ahead and switch out our regular plates for St. Jude plates.  Unfortunately I was only able to switch out my plate today, but hopefully next month we can switch out Craig's plate next month when it's time for his renewal. 

Ingram and Lindsey went to school and had great days.  I love picking up Ingram at the end of the day because he greets me with the biggest hug and kiss and smiles non-stop while he tells me everything he did at school that day.  Lindsey came home with the same smile, especially when she realized Mr. David was at the house.  He was in town for school and stayed with us for the night and he even played "Are You Smarter Than A Third Grader" with Lindsey and her spelling words.  Lindsey also read her reading story to Mr. David and Daddy and made up questions for them to answer; what would we do without Mrs. Berry for great learning ideas! 

Ingram, Lindsey, and Mr. David played Wii Car for a while until Mr. David got kicked out by Lindsey!  She asked to see his remote so that she could show him something, but she wouldn't give the remote back meaning his game was over.  That girl can be sneaky!!  Just like clockwork, we got ready to do Insanity and Mr. David did it with us too; let's just say he felt much like we did the first time we tried it and it was pretty funny!  Lindsey and Ingram were running around in the den "working out" too providing some comic relief which much needed at times.  Pops showed up too and we had a full house and it was tons of fun!  I had even cooked a roast, baked potatoes for a potato bar, green beans with butter and brown sugar, and salad.  The only thing missing was some dessert!  Oh well, maybe next time the kids will help make chocolate chip cookies.

So far, it seems that we're being distracted by several things as we are approaching Ingram's scans on Thursday.  We start at 8am Thursday and are set to finish at 4pm; it makes for a long day but everything is done in one day and then when the scans come back clean, that's it for another three months.  We've gotten several messages, email, cards, and phone calls encouraging us as we get closer to our appointments which is really great!  "SCANxiety" normally starts to make us go crazy leading up to scans, but we have felt more normal and calm with this round of testing.  Cancer changes emotions on almost a daily basis and the more relationships we have with other cancer families, the harder it can be because we "ride it out" with them too.  Please continue to pray for our family and all the other patients and their families as they continue battling this ugly monster, because some days are harder than others and knowing that people are praying specifically for you and your family, makes it easier to get through the day. 

Nighty Night For These Two! 
It Seems Three Is A Crowd When It Comes To Fever!

She's Loving Her Nice Big Bed All To Herself!

Doesn't A Nice New License Plate Need A Nice Clean Car??

The Best Part Of Ingram Going To School Is Pick Up Time!
I Love My Hugs And Kisses!

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