Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday January 28th, 29th, and 30th Bouncing Back!

Madison woke up Monday morning with more energy than she's had in a week and Ingram was thrilled that her fever was gone so they could play all day long.  They played WiiCar and WiiSki and made train tracks all over the house.  And since it was 70 degrees and sunny outside in Memphis at the end of January, we moved our make-up work to the front porch to get some good Vitamin D!  Ingram and Craig went to St. Jude Monday night to speak to a division of ALSAC and Ingram came home talking 90 to nothing about how much fun he had and what he ate and on and on and on!

Tuesday Madison made it back to school for the first time in over a week and was exhausted when she got home.  She was glad to be back, but definitely was glad to be able to lay down once she got home.  Ingram and Lindsey had great days at school and were extra hyper when it came time for bed, unlike Madison who went to sleep as soon as she could! 

Wednesday we went to St. Jude to see friends the girls went to school.  On top of seeing our favorite gal Mae, we were able to meet two other Ependymoma patients that we had talked to before but never met and it was so fun; not fun in a "ha ha" way, but fun in a "totally know what you're going through and so glad to finally meet you in person since we've been talking for almost 9 months" kind of fun.  It's just like meeting other St. Jude patients but even more intense because we're the same tumor and a lot of our stories are very similar, but so different at the same time. 

Ingram and tons of other patients were drawing picture and coloring pages at the Gymboree Art Party in hopes of turning their pictures into coloring pages for their stores.  We also got to eat lunch with the Gymboree folks and share our story with them.  Ingram was a stud as usual and was very well behaved; he told them his favorite part of St. Jude (getting poked and getting in the treasure box) and also told them about his girls and Beau.  He was so funny though when he was talking to Beth (one of our favorite ALSAC gals) while we were eating; he was showing her pictures on my phone from our weekend at the farm and told her about every picture but only turned it just long enough for her to see the screen but not even the picture!  He literally went through my whole camera roll, but I don't think Beth was able to see a single picture because of how fast he was going.  The Gymboree folks were intrigued too so he started telling them about it too.  We had a great time with them and are super excited about them being a part of the Thanks and Giving campaign; they're raised over six millions dollars since 2006 and they told us today that they're still coming up with new ideas to raise money to help St. Jude!

Ingram And Daddy Being Goofy In The Chili's Building!
From Day One At St. Jude, Ingram Had Always Loved The Three "Peppers!"

Ingram And Beau On Our Walk Tuesday In 70 Degree Weather...In January!

Ingram Picking Out The Perfect Crayon At The Gymboree Art Party!!

The Picture On The Left Is Ninja Turtles Ingram And Mommy!
The Middle Picture Is Snowman Ingram!
The Right Is Cutie Pie Ingram Recovering From A Black Eye (4-Wheeler) AND A Knot On His Forehead At His Hairline (Scooter)!
A Sweet Friend Joked Today That He Needs A "Round The Clock" Helmet!

It's The Peppers Again!
Thanks Mrs. Penny For The Coloring Book And Crayons!
He Colored The Whole Way Home From SJ Today!

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