Sunday and Monday December 30th and 31st Goodbye Christmas, Hello New Year!

We spent all day Sunday (once we woke up) taking down the Christmas decorations and fixing things at the house.  One of the drawbacks of having a pool is that the pool water is freezing in the winter but the skimmers and stuff still have to be emptied and everything.  Craig's hands froze I think a few different times as he worked on the pool and got it all cleaned and brushed.  I stayed inside where it was warm for the most part and had the kids help me take down the Christmas ornaments for the first time. 

They were good helpers for a little bit then headed off in their own directions to play school, play Wii Ski, and basically to get away from having to help.  Of course they turned crazy every now and then and we realized it was because Ingram had been "getting energy!"  That was code between he and Lindsey for eating as many M & M's as possible before getting caught!  Beau helped Craig take down the lights outside and Craig realized he had been helping dig up wires that were underground for the lighting system because he kept showing up with a new piece here and a new piece there.  I mean really, it's only a few days after Christmas and he's already back on the Naughty list!  This may be a tough year for Beau, but I think we're going to keep him around; he's just too much fun even if he does cause a bit of trouble every now and then. 

We ran errands and worked on the house more so that we could hopefully start the New Year out with a clean house.  I'm not quite sure we got it clean, but at least all the Christmas stuff was put away and thanks to the girls, the laundry was folded and put away.  This is a new thing at our house and I'm realizing that it's totally okay for the girls to help with the laundry even if they don't fold every thing perfectly.  They are learning and helping me at the same time; even Ingram helps out and folds or sorts a little too.  After a full day of errands, housework, and playing, we decided to go out to dinner to one of our favorite places, Russo's New York Pizzeria!  Lucky for us that when we got there at 6pm for our New Years Eve dinner, the crowd wasn't there yet and we were in and out in about an hour.  Oh a funny thing from dinner was that when our pizza got to the table, Ingram asked where his noodles were.  I had completely forgotten to order them and he just sat and played while we ate (never happens) until his food came to the table.  We made sure to stay as long as it took him to eat his food since he waited while we ate our food.  The crazy thing is that he eats his noodles one by one and he doesn't leave any noodles behind! 

It's crazy how different things are now on New Year's Eve as opposed to how it was before we had kids; I personally love this way of doing things now even more and the girls asked if we were going to watch the ball drop again.  I guess we've made our own traditions with the kids that are more fun than the things we used to do on our own, so Happy New Year's Eve from all the Dismuke crew!

Bouncing Off The Walls From All That "Energy"!!!

They're CRAZY!!!!!
Ingram's Running To Climb Up So He Can Jump Down To The Girls
And The Girls Are In The Background Wrestling Or Something!
I'm Pretty Sure We've Lost Control Of The Situation!!

After A Long Day Of Running Errands, Ingram Was Ready For Dinner!

They Were Still Wild At Our "New Year's Eve" Dinner At Russo's!

And They Were Still Wild A Few Minutes Later!
Still Talking Non-Stop And Posing For Pictures!

Still Going Strong And Now Ingram Is Adding His Two Cents Worth!
Daddy Finally Said It's Time To Go!

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  1. My son was diagnosed with cancer in July 2012. We have been back and forth to St. Jude since then. Reid had his 6th chemo treatment this weekend in our local hospital in Baton Rouge. He has one more on January 18th. I just read through a lot of your posts, and I could have written them myself. Reid was also diagnosed at 3. I saw Ingram on the Today show and I also have seen him in all of the ads. I pray that you and your family have a great time in Disney World. I will be praying for Ingram. I saw you at St. Jude one time. You were talking to someone, so I didn't want to interrupt you. You and your family are a definite inspiration!