Friday and Saturday December 28th and 29th, Wedding Weekend!!

Mr. David and Miss Laurie got married this weekend and we were so excited about heading up for the weekend!!  But before we could leave town, we had to swing by St. Jude for an eye check-up and for a port flush.  Lindsey was with us but Madison headed to Jackson with G-mommy and G-Daddy to spend the night at Grandmother's house so Ingram was excited to have one of his girls with him.  Ingram had a good check-up on his eye and of course the two hooligans were up to no good in the exam room until the doctor came.  Ingram also got his port flushed with the new "sterile" protocol that had been put in place within the month.  It was definitely different than what we were used to and a little scary than normal since it had been around a month since he'd been accessed.  His poke happened, but it took a while for the "flushers" to work right to get a blood return before they could flush it with the heparin and Ingram handled it like a champ keeping his mind of the prize...the treasure box!  We also found our friend Mae who was still inpatient in isolation since she had the flu and an ANC of zero.  We knocked on her window and waved from the hallway, but stayed across the hall even while talking to Tricia, her mom, since she wasn't feeling great either.  They were excited that her fever had broken the day before and they were hoping to get out soon. 

Speaking of out, we flew home and packed up to head to the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner two hours away.  Craig was a Groomsman, Ingram was the Ring Bearer, and the girls were Attendants greeting everyone at the door.  The Rehearsal went smoothly except for the fact that we were not dressed correctly!  It was a "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party and somehow we didn't get the memo; David however had a different story and said that Craig knew about it; what am I going to do with these boys??  The dinner was great and we even met one of the relatives that is a heart surgeon; the coolest thing about that other than picking his brain about Craig's heart was finding out that he does surgery (like Craig had) through the side of the chest with a robot arm that goes through the ribs instead of cracking open the chest.  Pretty interesting!!

Saturday morning we (all five of us) finally made it out of our hotel room around 10:30 and headed to Huddle House for breakfast/lunch.  The kids were all bonkers by now and were having a blast.  It was also snowing and I think the weather had a little to do with their craziness or it may have been the full bag of M & M's that were in a goody bag in our hotel room??  I think the waitress felt sorry for me because after we all ordered, she told me she felt bad for me having to cook for my crew since each one of us ordered something totally different.  We drove around a little after we ate then realized we had less than an hour to get ready for the wedding so we high tailed it back and got our move on! 

The wedding was wonderful and everyone even had fun before the wedding taking pictures and eating lunch.  The guys played "bags" or "corn hole" and even Ingram got in on the action.  The girls were playing and and running around with all the Bridesmaids and even got their hair and make-up done while I was gone; they were in little girl heaven and looked so cute!  We even managed to talk Ingram into a little nap which was great; I guess his body's still making its comeback from surgery, radiation, and chemo and needs a little more sleep every now and then.  The girls did a great job and then sat with me up front; since Ingram was supposed to be on stage the whole time, we picked that just in case he needed to sit down. 

Ingram was his regular self on the stage and was just looking around and trying to decide where he was going to stand.  He stood in the right spot for about 5 seconds, then looked around some more, set his pillow down and went to stand with Craig.  Then he started dancing with one leg trying to touch the carpet and then he looked up and saw us.  You guessed it; he came running down, climbed in my lap for a kiss, then ran back up the stage but this time went to Mr. David and held his hand for the longest time during the ceremony.  I think he only let go because he had too for Mr. David to hold Miss Laurie's hand while they did the rings and vows.  It was just the cutest thing!  The rest of the ceremony and reception went off as planned and then we headed for home.  The kids are really excited about Mr. David and Mrs. Laurie being married now because it means when they come in town they get to stay longer now that they can spend the night!  I think we're just as excited too and can't wait to watch their marriage develop and to be a part of their lives for years and years to come.

Here Comes Trouble!!
These Two Are Definitely Good At Being Bad!

Not Quite Digging The New Protocol,
But We Made The Most Of It And Kept Our Germs To Ourselves!

Say "Caterpillar!!"
We Look Just Like G-Daddy!!

Lindsey's Food Was The Last To Come Out By About Ten Minutes
And She Was Tempted To Take A Bite Out Of Madison! 
These Two Goofballs Keep Us On Our Toes And Are Quite Entertaining!

It's Dismuke, Ingram Dismuke!
Yeah, I Look Good!
Check Out The New Hair...It's NOT Red :(

Ingram With Miss Laurie And Mr. David Before The Wedding!
A Few Hours Later And It's Mr. And Mrs. David Kissell!!

All The Girls!

All The Boys!

My Favorite Girls!

My Sweet Little Man Holding Mr. David's Hand!

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  1. What a beautiful wedding - a perfect way to end the year!