Friday March 1st, Feeling Better Friday!

Ingram woke up Friday morning and told me he felt better today then of course went straight to his favorite spot in the chair to start his day.  He was finished with his antibiotics now but still sounded horrible so we planned to have a fun Friday at home.  Before Cancer and Chemo, he could recover from stuff pretty fast, but it seems it's taking his body a little longer to beat this infection.  We can tell he's till improving each day, but he's still going to need a few more days till he's back at 100%.

First we played Candyland for like the hundredth time and he actually let me win this round.  Then he needed a break and went back to his chair to watch a cartoon with his faithful four legged friend right next to him.  After he ate his lunch (in his favorite spot again), he decided he wanted to paint pictures for me and I sure couldn't turn that down.  We put Beau in his kennel and filled the kitchen floor with some paper, lots of paint, but not enough of our art mats; that little stinker decided that our floors needed a little color too but he also helped clean it up! 

It was freezing cold all day long and we were quite excited when soccer got cancelled and the girls decided to have our Family Night/Movie Night tonight instead of waiting until Sunday night.  It was great; Daddy brought dinner home for us and we all piled in the den with the fire going and watched Jack and Jill until way past bedtime.  Luckily we knew we didn't have to get up early Saturday morning and let the kids stay up till after 10pm since we were having such a good time.  We couldn't believe that Ingra was still going strong at this point; he definitely was acting like he was feeling better.  And then it got even better when they all slept together in Madison's bed...with Daddy sound asleep right along side of them!

Our Dynamic Duo!

Adding A Little Color To Our Days!

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