Thursday March 21st, Really? The Stomach Bug?

Okay so at 2am, Ingram came downstairs and said he threw up and that he didn't feel good.  I carried him upstairs and yes he did...all over the bed! Alrighty then, I changed his clothes, switched out the blankets, and he went back to sleep for about an hour and then we do it all over again and again and again all the way until 9am.   The only difference was that towels got placed on top of the growing piles of puke and Ingram got more upset as the "morning" went on.   At one point, he asked if we could call his doctors and nurses at St. Jude and tell them he doesn't like throwing up anymore.

When he woke up again at 9, he acted like everything was fine and climbed up in the chair with me and Beau to snuggle and watch cartoons.  I'm pretty sure that 30 minute window was really the only time he felt the slightest bit chipper all day.  He stayed in the chair for the rest of the day except for when he wanted to paint; this was the first time ever that he only painted a couple minutes and then crawled back into the chair and to go back to sleep.  I stayed very quiet so I didn't wake him or Beau up; Beau jumped up on the other couch and took a sympathy nap alongside Ingram.

After sleeping for a bit, Ingram wanted to watch Power Rangers while he "tried" eating some Cheerios and drinking some Gatorade.  He kept his first food of the day down but had some pretty crazy bathroom visits throughout the afternoon, but at least wasn't throwing up anymore.  He stayed in his chair and didn't even seem to notice the girls being home from school since he was watching Power Rangers.  Since once again the girls had different schedules, Craig took Madison to her games at Mike Rose while I took Lindsey to her practice.  Ingram fell asleep on the way home from dropping Peanut off at practice and then again when we went back to pick her up a little later.  When we got home at 7:30pm, he walked in and went to our room so I can check on him all night.

Before cancer, I wouldn't think much about Ingram getting sick with a stomach bug like this.  But now, my mind is running wild and not going in the right direction.  Of course Ingram doesn't want to eat because he thinks he's going to throw up and I don't blame him.  Today's throw up wasn't "easy" like during treatment; it was the kind that kept coming and even when there was nothing left, he was dry heaving and just crying because it was hurting him.  Seeing him not wanting to play Candyland or with Play-Doh or even paint tells me he's just feeling awful.  We're praying he'll wake up in the morning feeling better and that he will eat more than a handful of Cheerios during the course of the day.  And hopefully my heart and my mind will calm down too.  Pray for all of us "cancer parents" because there's always the thoughts in the back of your mind that can just send you in the wrong direction; once those thoughts get started, they're really hard to stop.

Good Morning!

A Little Earlier Than Normal Nap Time,
But He Didn't Really Sleep From 2am.

Still Sleeping!

Watching TV In His Chair!

Ingram Covered Himself Up On The Way Home
From The Soccer Fields So He Could Go To Sleep!

Catching Another cat Nap On The Way To Pick Up Lindsey!
Poor Little Man :(

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