Thursday March 14th, The Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory!!

We decided to spend one more day in Houston before we made the long journey home. Since we're huge fans of ice cream, we decided to end on a sweet note with a drive to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory. But before we could head there, we had some serious baseball to play out front in the street. Ingram was the batter and he was hitting balls everywhere! He was hitting so well that he even ended up hitting one way past us into the drain; after losing that one, we decided to move over to the grass to lessen the likelihood of losing another one. The girls and G-Mommy were fielding the balls and by the end in pretty sure we were all sweating! After baseball, we got the soccer ball and played 2 on 2 in the cove for a bit. We realized it could end badly with the girls playing against each other on the concrete and decided to stop our game to make sure we didn't have to make an unplanned trip to the ER.

We started our journey to the ice cream factory and almost made it there without any problems. Ingram typically gives us a heads up when he needs to go to the restroom but today, the warning wasn't enough! We ended up pulling over but were too late; Ingram was funny about it and said that his pants were wet for some reason. I guess all the Gatorade he drank playing baseball and soccer finally caught up with him. Secretly I think Ingram just wanted to go "commando" for the rest of the day. With the sun shining and the kids chasing each other around once we got to the Blue Bell, his shorts dried very quickly and no one knew.

We all had the biggest scoop of ice cream inside the plant before we went back outside to play in the sunshine. Madison had Crazy Cookie Dough, Ingram and Lindsey had Dutch Chocolate, G-Mommy had Pistachio Almond, and I had Cookies and Cream. I think it was possibly the freshest ice cream we've ever had since they make it right there. We were a little late for a tour, but I guess we were really more interested in the "eating" part instead of the "learning" part!

After we got home and showered, we met G-Daddy for our last meal before since we definitely needed to leave in the morning. Daddy had been sounding more sad each day we were gone and we wanted to beat him home AND make it to Ingram's T-Ball practice Friday night. We felt really bad that every time we talked to Daddy on the phone because we were having a blast and he was working. We packed everything up before bed and had the alarm set for 4:45am with the hope of beating the three hour long rush hour to get out of town!

They Are About To CONQUER Some Ice Cream!!

Everyone Climbed On The Cow For A Picture Before
They Realized How Hot It Was Since The Sun Was Shining!

Monkeying Around With The Founders Of Blue Bell!

Ingram's First Ever Picture With An Almost Full Person!
He Drew It In The Car With The Paper From Church!
It's Missing Hands And We're Not Quite Sure What The Green Line Is
But The Pink And Purple Hair Is Fantastic!

The Kids With Aunt Leigh At Dinner!

Yep, We're Definitely Going To Miss G-Mommy And G-Daddy!

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