Thursday March 28th, The First Pitch!

Thursday was an absolutely beautiful day!   The sun was shining and the temperature was actually warm enough to wear short sleeves the better part of the day.  It was also a great day because Ingram was going to school to celebrate Easter with his friends at GBC.  He didn't get to be a part of the class Easter Egg hunt last year, or any other Easter Egg hunt for that matter, since he had his brain tumor surgery on Good Friday and didn't get out of bed until Easter.  He came home and talked non-stop about how much fun he had at school and how he got to find the eggs with a "red star" on them to make sure that he had the right ones.  He was loving the candy too and started eating it as soon as we got home from school.   
Once the girls got home, it was off to soccer practice for each of them and then to the ECS Baseball game for Ingram to throw out the first pitch!  He loves baseball and he loves "Mr. Brent" even more and was so excited to get to throw baseballs with Mr. Brent and his little brother Mr. Josh at the game against St. George's.  Lindsey went to a friends house after soccer, but Madison stayed with us and went to the game so she could hang out with Alden (Brent and Josh's sister).  Ingram and Madison went out to the Pitcher's Mound with Mr. Brent and Mr. Josh went to Home Plate to catch his pitch and all four of them smiled the whole time they were out there.  Mr. Rooker told a little about Ingram's battle and also about the girls' fundraising while they were out there before it was Ingram's turn.  He'd been practicing with Craig at home and once Mr. Brent got him to the right spot, Ingram let it loose and threw it all the way to Mr. Josh at home plate.  Oh the smile he had on his face was priceless and I'm sure Craig also let out a deep breathe as the ball actually made it to the plate. 
By the time the sun went down, it was super cold, but Ingram didn't seem to be phased by it and went about playing hide and seek with some bigger boys and then of course played with Madison and Alden too.  Ingram was in his MSU Baseball t-shirt and shorts, Madison was in her soccer shorts and goalie jersey but they seemed to keep warm by running around and playing for the most part.  Craig and I on the other hand, didn't quite dress warm and ended up with frozen feet by the end of the night; they were the kind of frozen feet that you don't feel if they're hitting the ground or not and took a few hours to thaw out completely.  But, with all the fun Ingram and Madison had during the night, I'm pretty sure we'll be back for some more games...when it's warmer outside! 
Ingram's Super Excited About His Biggest Easter Egg From His Teacher Mrs. Beaudry!

Ingram And Mr. Brent!

Ingram Showing Off His Perfect Form As He Pitches To Josh Rooker!

Check Out Those Smiles!

Tackling Is Legal In Baseball Right??

He Gets Away With Everything!!!
Now He's Got The Big Boy Bats Out Trying To Show Them How He Can Hit!

Our Friends The Laffoon Family Came In Town On Their Spring Break
To Visit The Zoo Sporting Their Team Ingram Shirts!

Another Reminder From Our Friends The Banks' Family Today
That They're Still In It With Us!

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