Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday March 25th, 26th, and 27th, Making More Memories!

Monday was shaping up to be a beautiful day, super cold but sunny and we were feeling better at our house from the stomach bug.  Ingram was ready to go out and do something and he picked "Lunch Date With Mommy!" as his choice for the day.  Who could say no to that??  We headed to run a few errands and then ended up at Chick Fil A for a super fun lunch date and the first real bit of food for us since the bug hit.  After lunch, we weren't feeling so good so we headed home to take a nap before we had to start with our afternoon chaos of Lindsey's guitar lesson, both girls soccer practice, dinner, homework, and more.  The best thing about today, other than our lunch date, was getting to celebrate a sweet friends birthday in a special way.  Ramsey and Evie Harrison were born today, the 25th, and Ingram has pretty much loved them since they were born since they're the same age; we also go to church with the Harrison's and they helped Make-A-Wish send Ingram on his trip in January in Evie's memory with donations from "iRun4Evie" and other fundraisers they've done.  After soccer and dinner, Daddy and the girls went to Gracie Bleu and met up with lots of friends eating ice cream and donating to Make-A-Wish in Evie and Ramsey's honor at her birthday celebration.  The craziest thing about today was that it's officially Spring AND it was snowing IN MEMPHIS!!!  The girls and Daddy definitely came home and took hot showers to thaw out after being outside for 2 hours in the freezing cold!

Tuesday Ingram went back to school and had a fun time with his friends.  After not going to school for so long starting when he first got sick last year, he really hates to miss school and really enjoys time with his friends and teachers.  He tells me that he misses me while he's at school, but sometimes, I'm pretty sure he loves his freedom!  After school, we had soccer practice for Madison in her new super cool goalie jersey and Lindsey had a game at Mike Rose.  We surprised Madison with a blue and green goalie jersey and even had her number put on it; she had mentioned her shoes were tight and I guess Soccer U.S.A. is a lot like Target because you never come out with just the one thing you went looking for and she was so surprised!  When we dropped her off at the field, she jumped out of the car and went running while yelling "Coach Hugh!  Coach Hugh!" since he was walking through the parking lot too.  I guess she was a little more than excited to show him and the others her new jersey!  The weather was definitely better for tonight, but it was still a bit cold.  Ingram helped me to warm up by snuggling up under my blanket sitting in my lap while he took a break from baseball.  Yep, he brought his baseball stuff to Lindsey's game so that he could play baseball with Daddy while we watched the game.  I'm not sure how they watched soccer and hit baseballs because with a ball or a bat in Ingram's hand demands 100% attention so that you don't get knocked out!  The only causality of the night was Ingram and he hit his own head when he threw up a "popper" for himself to catch; the only problem is that he didn't catch it with his glove, but instead caught it with his head.  Oh well, it just made him even more silly!

Wednesday was our St. Jude day and Ingram was so excited!  We've decided to start back at Speech Therapy and he's always happy to go to St. Jude for the day.  We got there and found out that they were also doing crafts at the ABC Wall, but that it would have to wait until after his lesson.  Our regular Mrs. Angela had been sick so she let two other gals do Ingram's session today and he still had fun with them.  Then it was off to the crafts where he made a pig out of a ball, stick, and fuzzy rope; he colored it very carefully with "no girl colors" and then off for a grilled cheese we went.  He tells everyone they have the best grilled cheese sandwiches at St. Jude and he eats one every day we are there.  Of course, he also got his candy from the candy bar in the cafeteria; "to get candy" is the reason he told Mr. Bozeman we were going to SJ today when we were signing papers at school for Madison.  What can I say?  We all like the candy!!  He was also a trooper and went to a "girl" store to look for dresses for his girls for Easter; we already had his Easter suit but he wanted to help pick out the girls' dresses with me.  He was so good and played with the cars and dinosaurs at The Pink Door and we even ran into a Mrs. Sally Klinke, a sweet friend from church.  We had so much fun at the store and ended up coming home with a dress for the girls and me!  The girls loved their dresses and with no soccer on the schedule, we stayed home and enjoyed a fun night at home.

I guess this Easter's family picture will be a lot different from last years and we're already getting sentimental about everything that's going on right now since we pretty much missed everything Easter last year.  But, we are grateful to be able to have this Easter as a family and celebrate even though we're all a little emotional.  Even though last Easter and this Easter are totally different for our family, one thing is still the same...Christ died on the cross for our sins on Good Friday and three days later He rose from the grave on Easter Sunday so that we may have life.  For that, we are even more grateful!

Fun Lunch Date!

Lindsey And Madison With Ramsey!
Happy Birthday Ramsey And Evie!

If You Beat Mommy, You Can Stay Up For An Extra Five Minutes!

Nothing Like A Little Nighttime Fun With Speed Training!

Even Ingram Got In The Contest For Five Extra Minutes Of Playtime!

Sweet New Goalie Jersey...And Yes, She's Reading...Again!

Watch Out Daddy!

An All Boy Colored Pig!

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