Monday and Tuesday March 18th and 19th, Playing With Everyone!

After our trip to Mississippi State, the kids all slept in a little late but the girls made it on time to school. Ingram didn't have school which was good because he woke up with both of his eyes swollen! I guess there's nothing like Benedryl for breakfast followed by waffles and orange juice. We snuggled in the chair and watched cartoons as we waited for Ingram's eyes to go down. Beau thought it was great and hopped in the middle of us so he could get in on the action. Plus it rained pretty much all day and he wasn't about to go outside in it! After a quick nap, we picked Lindsey up from school and Ingram got to see her at her second guitar practice; of course, most of the time during her lesson, he was playing with his new motorcycle from the MSU Tri Deltas.

Tuesday morning Ingram woke up with normal eyes and got himself dressed for school. He's Mr. Independent these days and likes to do it all by himself! After a great school day for all three of the kids, we headed to Mike Rose Soccerplex for a game for both Madison and Lindsey. Madison's game was first and it was chilly, but by the time we got to Lindsey's game it was down right cold! Ingram didn't seem to mind and played nonstop during both games. He played with Mary Grace, Miller, and Hudson during Madison's game with his new Mississippi State football. Once we were across at Lindsey's game, he played with Madison and Anna on an empty soccer field. They were having a blast and a few boys came over to join in their game. Ingram was even right in the middle of the action until he got a soccer ball to the face; he already had a football to the eye and I guess in addition to the cold weather, he had reached his limit!

Swollen Eyes And A Stopped Up Nose Is No Way To Start The Day!

Mary Grace, Hudson, And Ingram!

Sweet Kick!
Madison Saved The Goal And Sent The Ball Sailing!

Lindsey's Team In The Midst Of The Battle For The Ball!

Madison Stopping Yet Another Goal From The Boys!
You Can Barely See Ingram On The Other Side Of The Boys Behind Anna,
But He's Still In The Game At This Point!

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