Saturday March 16th, Playing With Daddy!

We all needed a little extra sleep and had planned to sleep in today.  Well, the kids didn't remember the plan and all got up early to watch some recorded TV shows from the night before.  They were so quiet that we were actually able to sleep late and came out to them cuddled up together in the big chair acting so sweet!  So what did we do?  We joined them watching TV for a bit but decided to go outside and play since it was such a pretty day! 

After we played outside, we went to Russo's for lunch and took Ingram to have his suit altered for Easter.  It's kind of a big deal, this suit that is, and all of us were excited about it.  It's the cutest ever seer-sucker suit that we got for Easter and Mr. Aaron's wedding two years ago.  Of course it was big enough for Ingram to be able to wear last Easter, but he was wearing a hospital gown and pajama pants instead because he had just had surgery three days earlier.  So getting this suit out and getting it ready for this year is a big deal and with each day closer to the "anniversary" of different events, it just gets a little more emotional. 

We finished with the suit and made it back home to play outside some more until it was time for Ingram to have a 30 minute nap before T-Ball practice.  He was doing a good job and we thought he wasn't going to need a nap, but meltdown after meltdown changed our minds!  He loved being at practice and had a great time playing with his new friends.  With their first game approaching, the coaches pretty much put them in all the spots of the field and each one batted once and ran the bases just like in a game.

We played in the park for about 2 hours after practice since it was such a pretty day and even ran into the Smith family with all their crew!  It's always funny when kids recognize each other and that's exactly what happened.  One of their girls, Lucy Walt, started running from the playground to her parents yelling "It's Ingram! It's Ingram!"  The kids all played together with for a while and both Craig and Hunter threw the football for a while with the kids before we had to leave.  We can't wait for more days like this with sunshine and ball fields; I don't think it will matter if it's soccer or baseball to our kids as long as their all outside! 

After dinner and ice cream, we were all pretty tired and ready for bed, but someone in our family had a different idea!  Even though the pool water was freezing cold, Madison was determined to get in it.  She had been asking all day long already and Daddy caved in.  While Lindsey was in the shower, she slowly stepped into the shallow end and eventually made it all the way under water.  I couldn't believe my eyes and I think she couldn't believe how cold and numb she was from the water, but a nice hot shower did wonders and off to bed she went too!

This Is A 12 Second Video Of Ingram's Turn At Bat During Practice!
Ingram's First "Daddy Puzzle" Successfully Solved!

Football At The Park With All The Kids!

This Was After We Got The Soccer Ball Out Of The Lake...Twice!

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!
Emma, Madison, And Lindsey Racing Around The Lake!

Perfect Ending To The Day!
Not Exactly The Perfect Temperature, But Madison Had Fun...For About 30 Seconds!

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