Monday March 4th, Magic Monday!

Monday morning started out with smiles and stickers for Ingram! He tagged along with Madison at the Orthodontist as she got her monthly adjustment and picked out the new "color of the month" for her bands. Ingram kept insisting that she should get black and blue "like I'm going to get when I'm bigger" but she opted for more fun colors. Other than picking out the color of the bands, his favorite part about going to the office is picking out stickers for himself, and for Lindsey, and for Madison. It's kind of a joke now, because his girls always tell him they don't want any, but then he always manages to talk them into them. I never knew the magic of stickers until we were in Radiation every day and I guess it hasn't worn off yet! You could say that he has the whole office wrapped around his fingers as he walks around and says "Hey" to every single person there. 

We ran a few errands after we dropped Madison off at school then came home for an early nap since we had such a big afternoon planned. Lindsey had her very first guitar lesson after school followed by soccer practice for both girls at the same time Ingram was having his first t-ball practice! Talk about a big night!!! Lindsey had been asking to learn how to play the guitar for a while now and we decided to give it a go. Well, Lindsey smiles a lot anyway, but that girl hasn't quit smiling about her "coolest ever turquoise real guitar" since she got it! She had so much fun at her lesson and is already asking about her next lesson and looking up songs she wants to learn. After her lesson, Craig and I traded kids and I took the girls to soccer fields while Craig took Ingram to the baseball fields. 

Ingram had been talking about baseball for months and plays almost on a daily basis here at the house. He woke up from his nap and immediately started getting dressed for practice; he insisted on wearing his Angy birds t-shirt, his black fuzzy pants, and most importantly his lime green shoes that he got at "his girls' soccer shop." From the time he woke up from his nap at 2:45 until he left at 5:15, he probably asked at least 30 times if it was time for practice yet! I'll go ahead and tell on Craig here too because he was just as excited about Ingram getting to play t-ball as Ingram was. I don't think he was prepared for the emotional side of Ingram getting to play t-ball and it hit him on the field while he watched Ingram. We have several friends who won't get the opportunity to watch their sons go to their first practice, put on their first uniform, and play in their first game because of cancer. We're beyond grateful to be able to watch Ingram recover from his battle with cancer thus far and play t-ball just like all the other kids, but there's always a lingering thought in the back of our minds...

What Better Way To Start Out The Day...Stickers!!

Madison Checking Out Her New Bands...Blue And Yellow For Tri Delta!
Lindsey Is Definitely Not Singing The Blues...Check Out That Smile!

Ingram At His First T-Ball Practice!

Go Red Sox!

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