Sunday March 3rd, Leave It To Madison...

Sunday I kept Ingram home from church so he could recover a little from his "Man Day" with Daddy. It seems a little rest and downtime worked well and Ingram was ready to go on with his day. The only problem was that we were supposed to be in two places at once so Craig and I divided and conquered the afternoon! Craig took Ingram and Madison to Rhodes College to speak at a Tri Delta/St. Jude event for the whole campus while I took Lindsey to her game at the Soccerplex. Lindsey did a great job at her game and scored a few goals; even though she runs around covering the field, she always has a smile on her face which I love. She always has fun playing outside and she loves her teammates and her coach too which is an added bonus!

Just like in Dallas at the Tri Delta Convention, Madison took center stage at Rhodes during their "Delta Days" St. Jude Fundraising Weekend. Madison did a great job speaking while Ingram and Daddy stood to the side as she told our story from her perspective. There's something very powerful about a 10 year old speaking from behind a podium in front of a large group of people. She's not just speaking random words either, she's telling what cancer has done to her little brother and how the money these girls raise impacts her personally. 

The Tri Delta's opened the event to the campus and ended up with about 200 students. The Tri Deltas are very creative at raising money for St. Jude from pancake breakfasts to baseball games, but I think today's was one of the most creative and fun. The girls held an auction where they offered tons of stuff to the highest bidder; some of these were Lily Pulitzer jewelry, purses, and handmade crafts like monogrammed blankets and paintings, and others were laser tag dates with guys for the girls to bid on and house cleaning by the girls for the guys to bid on with all the money going towards St. Jude. Craig let Madison bid on a ton of items but she only ended up winning one of them...the cutest little handmade bow tie for Ingram! Needless to say, they had a fun afternoon with the Tri Deltas at Rhodes and Ingram behaved much better than at the ball game the night before! 

Lindsey And Ainsley Heading Down The Field To Score!!

Madison Speaking At Rhodes College To The Tri Delta Chapter!
10 Year Old Girl Behind A Podium + Room Full Of People Captivated By Her = PRICELESS!!

Madison Front And Center Hanging With Her Tri Delta Girls!


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