Friday, Saturday, and Sunday March 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, Daddy To The Rescue!

Well I don't know much of what Ingram did during the day Friday, but I know he had a great day with Daddy! Even though Ingram felt better, he ended up giving me the stomach bug.  As soon as he started getting sick early Thursday morning I could not help but think of the fork we shared to eat cake at Ole Miss just hours before; I guess I knew sooner or later it would hit me and it started around 4am.  What I do know is that Craig got the girls off to school on time, took care of Beau all day long (Have I said his Invisible Fence hasn't been working lately?), and took care of Ingram all day while he attempted to work from home.  He even did the laundry and got all the dishes from the day to the sink which is huge!!  Once I was back to half of my senses around 7pm, I realized how much I missed my people during the day and how grateful I am that I have them; it's just no fun being stuck in the bedroom all by yourself!

Saturday morning started out with a bang as Madison had a soccer tournament all the cold, in the wind, and in the rain!  Craig took her to the early game and I took it easy at home Ingram and Lindsey; after laying low and resting at home for most of Saturday, it was back to the soccer field for two more games.  Madison's game was going on while Ingram was at the Stadium waiting for the beginning of "his" game to start.  The University of Memphis Men's Soccer Team was playing against Colaiste Ide (Ireland) in Kicks For A Cause which is their annual charity game with donations from the game going to St. Jude.  We saw a bunch of our St. Jude friends and Ingram could not wait to walk out on to the field with the team.  Before we got down to the field, he was running in the Press Box staying warm with our other St. Jude buddies.  Alyssa, who had been battling Melanoma and her cousin Tyler, who is newly diagnosed with ALL, had their names on the door and Ingram had lots of fun running around with Alyssa, her brother Luca, and everyone else.  Once it was game time, Ingram wound up first in line and walked out with Mark Sherrod, who wore Daddy's lucky number 2 and also played Forward.  All the kids were so cute and did a great job hanging with the players during both national anthems.  Ingram was so cute too; every time he'd look toward us, he would wave and say "Hey Mom" and "Hey Dad" and go right back to talking with Mark.  Once Madison's game was over, her team came down and joined the party in the bleachers as they watched the game until halftime.  The great thing about halftime was that all the kids got to go out on the field for a training session with the University of Memphis Women's Soccer Team!  It was cold, windy, and starting to rain but the kids had a great time rotating between the different sections and of course had a ball playing soccer on the stadium field.  By the end of halftime, it was raining harder and felt much colder with the wind blowing so we packed it up and headed home.

Apparently it rained during the night because when we got to the fields, they were more than soaked!!  And the wind was blowing too but Madison and her team kept playing and made the best of it.  Before her game, Madison was already covered in mud from head to toe from her goalie warm ups and she got even more muddy during the game.  After the game, we headed to Dunkin Donuts for some hot chocolate and donuts with our friends the Whelans and the Makinsters so that we all could warm up from the freezing cold soccer game.  We headed home next to take showers and get in pajamas to finish out the rest of our day and attempt to stay warm on a super cold "Spring" day.  I mean really, it's officially Spring, but it's cold enough to snow!  The kids played all afternoon inside and then we watched basketball with Daddy while we ate dinner and helped Daddy cheer on the Florida Gators.   Since the kids had already had their showers and were in pajamas, the Dismuke household actually headed to bed early for a change!!

Ingram Waiting In The Warmth Of The "Alyssa And Tyler" Room At The Stadium!

Ingram And Mark Sherrod Leading The Teams Out To The Field!

Ingram Clapping With Mark When Each Player Is Announced!

Ingram And Alyssa!!
She's Our Favorite Fellow Red Headed St. Jude Patient!!

Ingram Was Excited Collin Came Down From Emily And Madison's Game To Hang With Him At The Stadium!

Lindsey And CeCe!
Two Soccer Peas In A Pod!

Ingram Finding Another Playmate In The University Of Memphis Tiger!

Halftime Chaos!

That's Only Half Of Madison's Sunday Mud!

Ingram And Hudson
Loving Playing At The Fields...No Matter The Weather!

Emily And Madison
Getting Warm At Dunkin Donuts!

Ingram, Miller, Hudson, Collin, LIzzie, And Lindsey
Do I Really Need To Explain This??

Go Gators!!
Ingram And Daddy Watching The Game Together!

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