Tuesday March 5th, An Extra Treat on Tuesday!

Tuesday morning Ingram woke up with a spring in his step ready to go to school! As of bedtime Monday night, I wasn't sure if he was going or not based on his energy level and constant cough but when he came downstairs in his clothes asking to go to school, I just couldn't say no. He even asked to take his water bottle with him in case he coughed a bunch; at least we have one kid who listens and does what the doctors say! So even though I was out and about for the first time in over a week by myself, I was still worried about my little man and his cough. I checked with his teacher at the end of the day and she said he only coughed right after he was running around playing games and had his regular energy.

When we were home, we heard the creak of the front door and Beau was going crazy...Mr. Aaron was home!! Beau might have been the most excited as he kept jumping up and down on him and trying to give him kisses. Ingram was sitting at the counter and just said "Hey" when he walked in and kept doing his thing. Of course that wasn't good enough for Mr. Aaron; so he went and got him and started messing with him and Ingram started giggling and talking non stop about everything from baseball to painting to school just like they used to do. 

When the girls got home, it was totally different! They ran inside yelling "Mr. Aaron! Mr. Aaron!" and proceeded to dog pile on top of him while he was sitting at the kitchen table playing Candyland with Ingram...if only my camera had been in reach! Needless to say, Mr. Aaron was loving it and was exactly the reception he wanted. The girls had plenty of homework and Ingram had plenty of coloring to do, so it was down to business before we could have more fun. After they finished with school stuff, Craig and Mr. Aaron took the girls to play indoor soccer since it was wet and cold outside and I kept Ingram home to play basketball in the den. In between playing basketball and folding laundry, Ingram managed to help me make Mr. Aaron's favorite taco dinner. Once they got home, we all ate dinner and then Mr. Aaron surprised us with ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins! I guess you could say we had a pretty good night!!

The Red Power Ranger And Mr. Aaron Coloring And Having An After School Popcorn Snack!

After This Cake And Ice Cream Combo AND Having Mr. Aaron Here,
You Could Say Getting The Kids To Bed Was A Bit Of A Challenge!

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