Wednesday and Thursday February 27th and 28th, Sitting Waiting Wishing

So Ingram is still "Sitting Waiting Wishing" to feel better.  Poor little guy has just the worst drainage and cough; plus his antibiotics have him running back and forth to the bathroom with lots of poopies.  I can't believe I just said that, but we all know it's true and it's one of the reasons we hate these antibiotics.  The other spot Ingram's been sitting in a lot is his new favorite spot...the big chair in the den!  As soon as he wakes up from the night, when we get back from taking the girls to school, and when he wakes up from his nap, Ingram climbs up in the chair and cuddles up in his blanket to stay warm while he watches Netflix or plays on the iPad.  He did decide to take a break from the chair and to help cut Beau's hair, well really to cut his ears.  With his new shave, we were thinking Beau looked pretty silly (and like a girl) with big fluffy ears so we decided to take matters into our own hands.  It was quite amusing to cut his ears because he wouldn't quite stay still for us, but I guess it doesn't matter really because he is a dog and it will grow back at some point.  For some reason, I think Beau had a different opinion!

Once the girls were home from school, we decided to play "Let's Make A Deal!" to figure out who was going to do what for the night.  When the negotiation was all said and done, I think we made a pretty good deal; Madison would quiz Lindsey while I put up their laundry.  It sounds like a no brainer, but the living room had probably seven loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away.  The living room had even been renamed the laundry room.  So while the girls ate their dinner, Madison helped Lindsey study for her Science test and I put up three baskets of clothes and towels in their rooms.  The only good thing about Ingram being sick is that he stays in his favorite chair and watched a movie while they studied so it actually worked I think.  Then again, I guess we'll have to wait until Tuesday papers come home next week to see if it really worked or not when we get Lindsey's grade!

Thursday morning Mimi, Pops, and Izzie came over for part of the day; Pops had to work in town, but Mimi and Izzie had nothing to do except play with us.  Once the girls were off to school, Ingram talked Mimi in to playing games with him at the kitchen table.  They played Candyland and Cars and even made a train track on top of the table.  Izzie and Beau were trouble makers all day long and ended up spending a lot of time in their crates alone.  Since Mimi had all things Ingram under control, I headed to school for lunch with the girls but those silly girls both wanted something from two different restaurants.  I caved in since I rarely go to school for lunch and got Lindsey her favorite Subway pepperoni pizza, got Madison her favorite Wendy's meal, and got myself McAlisters.  I figured since I was already going to two different places, I might as well add a third one for myself.  The girls and all their friends were super excited and kept me entertained while we ate.  Nonstop talking is a talent that I can attest has been mastered by many of the kids at Dogwood...boy is it loud in the cafeteria!  Mimi, Pops, and Izzie headed back to Jackson after I got home from school and the grocery store. 

Craig left early Wednesday for a business trip but we forgot to find out when his flight would get in Thursday night.  We hadn't heard from Daddy yet and were waiting to find out when his plane would get in but the timing of his emails and text messages to us Thursday afternoon were starting to give it away.  He sometimes surprises us and sneaks in the back door without us even knowing when his return flight is...and today was one of those days!!  Our main clue when he gets home from work on a regular work day is when Beau runs from his front door perch to the laundry room door and he did the same thing when he saw Craig's car pull down the driveway.  We were soooo excited and the girls ran once to hide as soon as Beau run to the door. Not only did he surprise us getting in, but he was even early enough to go running with Lindsey and Beau before he took Madison to her soccer game.  I was hoping to avoid the 30 degree temperature of the soccer field for Ingram's sake and Daddy came to the rescue yet again!  I kept Lindsey home to do homework while Ingram played with his Lego's in the den while Daddy and Madison tried to stay warm at her soccer game.  I'm not sure they succeeded in staying warm, but they sure tried with hats, gloves, hand warmers, and even a blanket.  Of course, a hot meal, a hot shower, and a warm bed did wonders!

All Cozy And Ready To Face The Day...
Blanket To Stay Warm, iPad To Play Games, Toilet Paper To Catch Boogers! 

Poor Beau...He Looks So Sad About His "Ear Cut!"

Multi-Tasking At It's Finest!
Eating Dinner, Madison Quizzing Lindsey On Science, AND Acting Goofy!

The Empty Chairs And Floor (With The Exception Of Lindsey's Science Book)
Should Be Looked At With Amazement!
The Whole Area Was Covered With Clean Clothes Waiting To Be Folded For Three Days!

Playing "Give Kids The World" Edition Candyland With Mimi!

3rd Grade Lunch With Lindsey, Jacinta, And Gabby!

5th Grade Lunch With Megan, Gracie, Sarah, Melana, Emily, And Madison!

Lego Tower!
Ingram's Basketball "Somehow" Knocked It Down!

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