Friday March 29th, Good Friday!

Today is kind of a double whammy on the emotional side of things.  Last year on March 29th was when we received the call from GBC that Ingram had a headache and they thought we may want to come check on him.  From the tail end of everyone but Craig having the flu, we didn't think much of it since we were all still nauseous from the extra drainage and sinus junk that we were dealing with until he continued to have the headaches and throw up with them which none of us did.  And so March 29th is the day that all of us say "when it all started" if you know what I mean.  Our GBC staff, especially Ingram's teachers Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Susan, will always hold a special part of our hearts for how they took care of Ingram that morning and how they knew something wasn't right. 

On Good Friday last year, we were sending Ingram through the double doors of LeBonheur praying that Dr. Boop and Dr. Klimo would be able to remove the brain tumor and praying that it was not cancer.  As most know, the tumor was removed in its entirety and it was cancer...but God has held our family together over the past year and for that we are thankful today.  We found ourselves going through today talking about what exactly we were doing minute by minute last year and remembering all the folks that came along side of us before, during, and after Ingram's surgery.  I think about all the things my little man endured just in that 24 hours, and it hurts my heart and makes me hold him much more closely.  Then I think about what our Savior went through and how much more He endured for us without even knowing us, but I can't even fathom how God the Father must have felt during those 24 hours. 

I can say as emotional as we've been lately at our house, this year's Good Friday was wonderful!  I took the kids to the movies (Ingram's choice) while Daddy worked in the yard with the rain!  In the midst of the rain, we had a special delivery at our front door from Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bobby; it was a little bit of sunshine for the gloomy day.  After a fun day at the movies seeing The Krood's with the Acuff kids, we came home and remembered Ingram had T-ball practice.  He had a great time at practice and with only 4 kids there, they each got quite a bit of time at the bat.  We still haven't had his first game yet because of the weather, but we're hoping soon it will be dry enough for a game.  Take-out was for dinner so that we could all just hang out and enjoy the rest of our evening with the kids and also continue cuddling our little man as much as he would let us!

Good Friday 2012
Ingram In ICU Right After Surgery :(

Good Friday 2013
A Little Sunshine Courtesy Of Aunt Patsy And Uncle Bobby!

Lindsey, Abby, Cooper, And Ingram!

Sarah And Madison!
And Yes, They're Sitting Away From The Younger Ones!

Oh My Goodness!
Cooper's Eating Ingram's Head!

Ingram Providing Entertainment At Short Stop!

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  1. Happy Easter to the whole Dismuke family! Our family is especially happy for you that we have come full circle since last year and that we have much to be thankful for. We think of you often and will keep the prayers coming.

    :-) Love