April 27th and 28th Saturday and Sunday, Water Anyone?

Lucky for us, all the girls slept till after 8am and woke up to the announcement "DONUTS!"  They all came running down the steps ready for breakfast and almost trampled Lindsey along the way.  She was like a deer caught in the headlights and froze when they all started down the steps towards the kitchen.  Ingram was already in the den and barely looked away from his cartoon to tell them all good morning as they came running for the donuts.  The only better way to wake up after around 4 hours of sleep was to jump back in the pool and go swimming again; since their time got cut short last night, they were extra excited to have some more pool time before they had to head home.  With all the fun they had, I think Madison's idea of having a "phone bucket" for everyone to keep their phones, iPods, iPads just might have been one of the smartest decisions she had made!

A few of the Rhodes College Tri Deltas had invited the girls to come out to do some art projects with them and they were so excited; my girls vowed not to get grouchy due to their lack of sleep but you never know when the grouchies will kick in so I made sure to warn the Rhodes girls.  I didn't get to stay very long because Madison and Lindsey kicked me out, but they painted some really cool designs and pictures on some coolers with all the girls.  They even had Airheads, Milky Ways, Oreos, and Milk for snacks while they got their creativity on with the girls!

Once Madison got back, she was pretty much worthless for the rest of the day, but then again, if I get less than four hours of sleep, I'd be worthless too!  Ingram however was in energizer bunny mode and was dying to get back in the pool and swim.  Since Lindsey was at a friends house, Daddy got in the pool with him and they swam and jumped and swam and jumped for a long time.  Ingram started out with his floatie on, but then we let him take it off and show Daddy all that he had learned at swimming lessons.  That joker swam all over the pool with no fear!!!  He'd launch from the steps to Daddy in the shallow end, jump off the board and swim to him in the middle of the deep end, and even jump off the wall and swim to Daddy.  I believe he has picked swimming up much faster than the girls, but now we're nervous because he thinks he can swim better than he actually can.  Hopefully the pool alarm won't bother our neighbors too much when it starts going off, because that puppy's going back in the pool...just in case!

Sunday morning, we had the honor of speaking in one of the Sunday School classes at our church and I must say, Craig did a great job.  I've lived out our story for the past year, but have never heard Craig speak like he did today.  Even though I knew what's coming in our story, I had tears rolling down my cheeks several times.  Madison and Ingram even came in at the end when they were out of their classes and got to meet some of the men and women who had been praying for us for so long...all the way back to Craig's heart surgery in 2007.  We spent the rest of the afternoon goofing off at home since soccer practice and T-ball practice were cancelled and of course went swimming again; we can't believe how long we put off getting a pool because I'm pretty sure we could swim in it every day!  With the emotions already in full teary mode from this morning, we spent the rest of the day and late into the night hanging out and swimming in the pool again before the kids had to go to bed.  Since tomorrow is a big day with Ingram's MRI and Spinal Tap, we let the kids sleep together and had an extra sweet time with all of us piled in Madison's bed singing "Jesus" (technically it's Jesus Loves Me) and saying prayers; even Beau got to crawl into the bed with us and laid down.

Please pray for us as we go through the range of emotions that happen during scans.  It's the only time that you are waiting on the words from the doctor telling you if there is cancer in your child's body or not at that given moment.  We all call the emotions "Scanxiety" and joke about it, but it truly is a roller coaster all in one day with several ups and down.  Also pray for all of the children with cancer and their families because it is a long hard road and we all need extra prayers at any given moment.  We were lifted up this morning prayer from "The Encouragers" and want all of our fellow angels, warriors, and their families to feel the same encouragement that we felt.

Beautiful Girls Even With Less Than 4 Hours Of Sleep!

Madison And Lindsey Having Some Tri Delta Time
With Claire, Mary Kate, Morgan, Danielle, And Carrie!

Daddy And Ingy Poo Making Some Waves Saturday Afternoon!

Nothing Like Swimming At 9pm On A School Night!!
At Least They're Done With Their TCAPS!

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