Monday and Tuesday April 1st and 2nd, A Sporty Couple Days!

Thankfully after a full weekend celebrating Easter we didn't have anything pressing to do Monday morning!  It was a boring start to the day running errands but Ingram was more than happy to help me get everything done.  He even taught me how to play golf when we were at Dick's Sporting Goods for one of our stops.  Apparently, every boy that comes into the store has to play golf; I think that came from a "Daddy day" and is now a rule in Ingram's mind!  The funny thing is that Craig told me the same thing on the phone as we were walking in the store.  What am I going to do with those boys?  Speaking of boys in the Dismuke family, add a four legged boy to these two and you're talking trouble!   The four of us went running together with the jogger as back up when Ingram got tired.  Beau ran right along side Ingram and Daddy as we ran down our street (about .2 miles) before we encouraged Ingram to hop in the buggy and enjoy the ride.   He kept asking when he could get out and run again the WHOLE time he was in the seat. He ran again at the halfway mark and also down the last tenth of a mile home.  While Ingram was running, Beau was looking at us begging to take Ingram's spot in the jogger...because we can read Beau's mind you know! The rest of Monday was pretty calm with Ingram playing a game of Sorry at the counter with his shirt off because he said "boys can not wear a shirt anytime."  Once the girls got home from school, it was the usual chaos except soccer was cancelled.  Ingram added ping ping in the garage to the list while Lindsey had worked on her guitar.  With no practices and only a little bit of homework, all three of the kids were asleep by 8:30 and I cannot remember the last time that happened!

Tuesday was a super fun day at the girls school for everyone!  The whole school participated in the Boosterthon Fun Run; they ran laps in the gym for an hour to raise money for their school.  Since Ingram was at his school having fun, I got to go be a part of the action with the girls!  I haven't been able to do much with their school this past year and it was so fun to hang out with each of them for an extra hour during the day!  Once Ingram was home from school, it was time for his first ever swimming lesson; we were going to do them last summer but cancer got in the way of that!  With it being Spring, we figured it was time for him to play in the pool a little before its time for him to learn for real.  He loved being in the pool but would not put his face or head in the water!  I guess I can't complain about that at all because I'm the same way; Craig, Madison, and Lindsey are our fish but hopefully once we're in the pool regularly Ingram will join the ranks of the Dismuke fish or rather a shark!  With it raining and 40 degrees outside, Ingram's T-ball game got cancelled (thankfully) but the three soccer games for the girls were still on.  Some days Daddy really gets the raw end of the deal when it comes to our sports and today was definitely one of those days since it was soaking wet and freezing cold at their soccer fields. Overall Craig and the girls were all in good moods despite the crazy weather and everyone warmed up with a nice hot shower to end the night.

"You Hold It Like This Mommy!"

And The Trouble Trio Is Off!

Still Smiling And Loving Being On A Run With Mommy And Daddy!

Yea, Beau's Pretty Tired! 
He Laid Around The House For Rest Of The Day!

Warning...Half Naked Little Man Alert!

Gabby, Lindsey, And Jacinta
Running Buddies!

Fabulous Fifth Graders!
Rebecca, Madison, Susanna, Caroline, And Sarah

"Come On Mommy!  It's Time To Get In The Pool!"

We're Going To Turn Him Into A Shark Very Soon!

"Are You Kidding Me?
I Got All Dressed By Myself And Now There's No Game??

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