Wednesday April 24th, Happy 11th Birthday Madison!

Well, today's a big day in the Dismuke house, but it's not because of is all about Madison the Compassionate!  She's officially 11 years old now and we can't be more proud of the young lady she's becoming.  Who would have thought that as a 9 year old (3 weeks shy of her 10th birthday) she could make a decision that would impact so many people??  When Ingram was diagnosed with cancer, she stepped up and was determined to help him and all the other kids in the world that have cancer by raising money for St. Jude in his honor.  Her decision didn't fade at all and she's determined to continue to raise money for St. Jude in hopes of finding a cure for cancer.  Daddy named her correctly when he dubbed her Madison the Compassionate several years ago and we're sitting back and watching how God continues to direct her compassionate heart.

We celebrated this morning by singing Happy Birthday as all three of them climbed into my bed; the only thing missing was Daddy, but he was already at work.  At school, Ingram helped me bring Madison lunch and cookies for her class to celebrate her birthday despite it being TCAP week.  Once they were home from school and Daddy was home from work, it was time to get our party on!  Madison picked Russo's for her birthday dinner but was even more excited to come back home for presents and cookie cake!  Lindsey decorated her cookie cake with the candles and even lit them; we all sang  Happy Birthday in our best "crazy" voices as she blew out the candles and made her wish.  The kids are all nuts and their eyes are about 100 times bigger than their stomachs and each wanted a whole word from Madison's cake, even though they only ate one bite off of their pieces!  I don't think the sugar had any time to kick in because Ingram was asleep in his bed minutes later and had no idea that the girls were going to sleep together (and keep celebrating in Madison's bed....shhhh, they think we don't know how late they stayed up) in honor of our new "big day" tradition.

We also found out while we were at school that their whole school is "Going Green!" for the girls on Monday April 29th since Ingram is having his MRI and Spinal Tap that day.  We thought it was just going to be Lindsey's class, but it turns out it's going to be the whole school and the girls are sooooo excited about it!  It means so much to them that all of their friends are "in it with them" to an extent.  We love our schools so much and are so excited that they can support our girls and Ingram in such a tangible way; it just melts this Mommy's heart!

Madison The Compassionate!

Looking Good In The Dismuke Birthday Hat!

Lindsey Snuck Some Of Her French Fries And A Cookie
While We Waited For Madison's Class To Get To Lunch!

Daddy's Little Girl!

She Ate Maybe Two Bites Of It! 
But She Doesn't Have To Worry About Someone Taking It...It's Labeled Already!


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