Wednesday April 17th, Not Your Ordinary Wednesday!

Wednesday morning everyone woke up well rested despite getting to bed very late from our soccer games.  After the girls headed to school, we headed to St. Jude for Ingram's Speech appointment with Mrs. Angela.  Ingram begged to wear his pajamas "like I used to every day;" I guess he remembers leaving the house everyday in his pajamas when he was going through Radiation Treatment and pretty much wearing his pajamas every day for 6 and a half weeks.  The funny thing about that is despite having the sleepy medicine everyday for so long, he loved to go to St. Jude...and still does!  Right before we got there, Ingram said he was going to ask Mrs. Penny if anything fun was happening today because "she always knows what's going on at St. Jude."  And he was right; we found out about a miniature pony named Magic that was going to be there and also about a painting party!  After Ingram got a bag of Cheetoh Puff's for his second breakfast, we headed off to his Speech session then to go see Magic.  He was so cute and apparently loved Ingram because he kept getting closer to him.  Ingram headed to the ABC Wall to make some his own magic and painted a picture of a flower that might turn into SJ official artwork.  Speaking of magic, Daddy has been on a business trip in California and sent back some magical news to us...he was staying in Disneyland for his conference and met Daisy Duck!  She sent back a special message for Ingram that made his smile!  Even though he didn't get to go into the Park, we were a bit jealous of how close he was even if it was just for 24 hours.

Wednesday night, we got to watch the Memphis Grizzlies play the Utah Jazz down at the Fed Ex Forum.  When we got downtown, the kids were so excited because there were a ton of bouncy house things for them to jump and play on too.  The Grizz Girls (the cheerleaders) were also out taking pictures with lots and lots of guys and it was pretty funny watching the men and boys run over with their cameras.  Of course my crew expects me to take too many pictures as usual and went to get their picture taken with some of the Grizz Girls too;  I'm pleased to announce that my girls said the Grizz Girls needed more clothes on and that makes me feel good and I know Daddy will really be happy they said that since we're getting closer to the teenage years!  Once we were inside, we also spotted the Chick Fil A cow and of course my kids ran to him and gave him huge hugs.  All three of the kids had so much fun at the game and loved our seats; I even let Madison and Lindsey go out to get a snack while Ingram stayed and watched the game.  Later on in the second half, all three of them had to go to the bathroom and Madison took them by herself.  The funny part was that Ingram got in trouble by someone for running in the hallway on the way back to our seats and our rule follower Madison told me right when they got to our seats. 

Our trip to the Grizzlies game was even more special because Madison got to go on the court after the game to shoot a free throw.  There were a lot of other 4th and 5th graders there doing the same thing from lots of school because they raised money with Jump Rope For Heart during their school jump rope events.  Madison would be the first one to say that she's not a basketball player, but she was so excited about being able to get on the court...until Lindsey started the 5 minute countdown, then 2 minutes, then "It's Time!!!" and then she really got nervous!  Don't you just love little sisters?  Madison was in line with her friend Avery East from Dogwood and they both were so excited.  Madison got her shot then ran off the court because she was embarrassed she missed it; but then she said that half of the time the players miss it too and was totally happy about getting to shoot it.  We finally left the Forum at 10pm (Sorry teachers!) and made it in the bed by 10:45pm with once again no one having trouble falling asleep!

Ingram Loves His Pajamas...I'd Probably Wear Mine If I Could Too!

Ingram And Magic, The Miniature Pony!

Ingram's Flower With "Love" For The Stem And A Purple Sun!
It's All About Artistic Interpretation Right?

I Think We're All A Little Jealous Of Daddy Right Now!

The Kids With The Grizz Girls

And We Ate Chick Fil A For Dinner On The Way To The Game!

My Happy Crew!

Ingram Had A Blast Cheering For The Grizzlies!

Little Sister Making Big Sister Nervous With The Countdown!

Madison And Avery Were The First Kids Waiting
For Their Shot At The Goal!

"Okay, This Is The Last Picture I'll Make You Take!"

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