Monday and Tuesday April 15th and 16th, Soccer Overload

Ingram was very excited to not have to go anywhere Monday and decided he was going to stay in his pajamas all day long.  After all, he was still tired from his weekend full of fun!  As soon as we dropped off the girls at school (almost late), we headed to drop off Beau to be groomed.  He must have remembered the last time we left him for a week because he headed to the back of the car and had to be dragged out.  Poor Beau is suffering from "post traumatic my family left me here for a week syndrome" but we managed to trick him into the grooming room without him leaving anything on the floor to be cleaned with the mop!  We headed home to celebrate our victory with a game of Chutes and Ladders; Ingram even beat me but he was making up his own rules...again.  I'm not too sure he's going to be the "rule follower" like Madison.  It appears early to make this call, but I think he's going to do life at the best of his own drum.  Then again, he's not the typical 4 and a half year old either so I guess that makes sense.  Even though he needed one, Ingram decided he did not need to take a nap today so instead we just played the rest of the afternoon while we waited to go pick up Beau.

With it getting hot outside, Ingram decided to change out of his pajamas and into shorts so he could play outside with Beau and the girls afterschool.  Ingram AND Beau were both in rare form and both were hyper once they were reunited after the cut.  I think getting Beau shaved released a crazy amount of energy and he was running all over the place; of course Ingram tried to keep up, but he was no match for Beau.  Ingram did however run to Madison's soccer field to get Daddy and then back to the jogger so that the three of us could run while both the girls practiced.  Ingram's head started bobbing and dropping to the sige and we knew it wouldn't take much for him to fall asleep in the jogger.  He slept over railroad tracks, potholes, curbs, and the train itself.  We even stopped to take a picture of him and Daddy and he didn't even notice when we stopped moving!  He woke up after we were sitting back at the fields and turned into the Energizer Bunny after his hour long nap and ran all over the fields kicking the ball and racing us the whole time.

Apparently Ingram still needed to get more rest because he slept till 9am Tuesday and headed in late to his class (that started at 9am).  After a great day at school for all of the kids, we headed to the soccer fields for 3 different soccer games.  Thankfully Ingram didn't have any T-Ball because he wanted to stay at the girl' games and play.  They both had a game at the same time and we stayed at Lindsey's field since Madison had a second game for us to watch.  Ingram made a little friend during Lindsey's game and they played together during the whole game.  Lindsey and her team played amazing and had some really good teamwork.  Lindsey in typical style smiled the whole time she was playing and really beamed when she made a free kick straight into the goal with players all around her.  Once Lindsey's game was over, we headed to Madison's field to watch her second game.  Her team won the first game, but didn't do so hot during the second game.  Although a lot of goals got by Madison, she also saved a bunch while she was in the goal.  By the end of the night and after running around for 3 hours, all of the kids were exhausted and had no trouble going to bed.  I don't think any of us, including me, moved at all during the night!

Ingram's Smile After We Realized How Much He Had Grown!
We Moved His Button Holes From All The Way In To The Last One On The Row!

My Crazy Boys!
A No Hair Beau With A Head Full Of Hair Ingram!

Didn't I Say Ingram Was Still Exhausted?

"Why Do They Have To Go To School??
I Want Them To Swim With Me!"
Moaned Beau...Because We Can Read His Mind!

Breaking In A New Instructor!

Take One Guess Who Won This...Oh Yeah, Peanut Did!
It Must Be The New Kicks Since She Busted Through The Toe On Her Old Shoes!

Saved This One Too!
The Girls' Got Talent!

"So, You Want To Go Out Sometime?" Ingram Asks While He Leans On The Tree...

"Hey Mom!  She Said Yes!"
"Wait, Where Are We Going?  You Can't Even Drive!"

"Not This One... This Is My Goal!"

"Go Fetch!"

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