Thursday and Friday April 25th and 26th, Oh No...They're Back!!!

The weather is crazy here, warm one day and cool the next, but the pool heater has been turned on in anticipation for its 11 year old girls this weekend!!  But we "needed" to check it out just to make sure it was working properly so the kids all hopped in Thursday after school just to make sure it was getting warm enough.  Who could blame them?  The pool was just calling their names AND we didn't have anything else to do sports wise for the evening.  Ingram was already is his swim suit from his last swimming lesson and he tricked the girls and headed straight for the pool while he told them he was just putting his towel out to dry.  They quickly figured it out and ran 100 fast to get their suits on and join him for the fun.  We finished the night with dinner and watched the NFL draft as St. Jude patient Markell announced his favorite teams' first round pick.

Friday morning, the girls made a special announcement over the intercom system with friends to remind everyone about "Go Green Monday" and they loved it!  Ingram had a fun morning too and had his favorite St. Jude breakfast, waffles and orange juice, before he went to his Speech appointment.  Daddy was on the road for work and oddly enough had the same breakfast as Ingram; let's just hope he didn't have the same cowlick as Ingram or that might be bad for business.  Ingram wanted to see how much he had grown so we stopped in the lab and hopped on the scale; 38.06 pounds puts him in the heavyweight category!!!  We finished up at St. Jude by having lunch and helping out in the Coca Cola "What Makes You Happy?" video booth before we headed home to rescue Beau from the rain.

Friday night at the dinner table, I could hardly hear myself think!  I had forgotten how loud a bunch of elementary school girls are since we haven't had a group of only girls at the house like this since Madison's birthday last year this same time.  They were all so sweet, but were so bummed out when I made then jump out of the water when we saw the first lightning (even though it was forever away)!  Once they calmed down from dinner, we all piled in the den to watch The Odd Life Of Timothy Green and even Beau got invited to join the party as he cuddled with the girls during part of the movie.  I wish I could say that the girls remembered the "sleep" part of a "sleepover" but they weren't quite ready to settle down and go to sleep until 4:15am when the last one fell down for the count.

There Aren't Many Hiding Spots In The Pool,
But They Managed To Have Fun!

Guess I Got To Start Combing His Hair Before We Go Places!
Haven't Done That In Over A Year!!

Breakfast Of Champions...Or At Least My Two!

I Love Having Our House Full Of Friends And Laughter!
Ingram, Lindsey, Megan, Libby, Malena, Emily, Madison, Rebecca, Abby, Emma, And Sarah

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