Monday and Tuesday April 22nd and 23rd, Starting To Slow Down A Little?

It was so nice to wake up Monday morning and not have to go anywhere other than taking the girls to school.  We drove them part of the way and they finished walking since their school was celebrating Earth Day by walking or biking to school.  We came back home and snuggled up in the chair and watched cartoons and played all day long while the girls had to take their TCAP tests at school.  The girls had soccer practice after school and then we headed home for showers and an attempt at an early bedtime; I guess 9pm was early compared to this weekend right?  Craig was invited to go to Union University (our old college) to a Bible Study to share Ingram's story to over 200 fraternity and sorority students which was super cool, even if he did get home close to midnight!

Tuesday morning, we drove the girls to school again and then headed to Ingram's school.  I had to go to the grocery store then back to his school; he's a picky lunch eater and over the weekend, he and Lindsey ate all the chicken in the house and they neglected to tell me when I went to the grocery on I had to go again for chicken.  At least now we have chicken and everyone is happy again!  Lindsey had a game and Madison had practice, but Ingram had to finish coloring some Make-A-Wish artwork before he could go to the game.  We eventually made it to Lindsey's game, but Ingram was more interested in throwing the football and tennis ball with Daddy than watching Lindsey play soccer.  I guess he felt he put in his fair share of cheerling this weekend during 4 games for Lindsey.  Of course, he also ended up with a few bad throws and Daddy had to run onto the soccer field and retrieve the balls before the girls ran down the field.  Oh the craziness of my men!!!

Ingram is doing great other than battling his allergies STILL, and we're staying busy trying not to think or worry about his MRI and Spinal Tap coming up next week.  With Ependymoma Awareness Day being last week and Brain Tumor Awareness Month being May, there's more than the average amount of thinking and talking going on about cancer and brain tumors at our house.  Something that was exciting and cheered us up came from Mr. David and we were all surprised to hear it...Outkick The Coverage, an online sports magazine, posted an article titled "St. Jude Cancer Patient To Announce First Round of NFL Draft Pick" to announce the NFL's new youth fitness campaign NFL Play 60!  The great thing about this is it's based from Friday's visit to St. Jude by Barrett Jones and Matt Barkley when Ingram was there with some other patients.  A picture of Ingram throwing the football to Matt Barkley even made it into the article.  The article also talks about the hospital so now even more people might become aware of the work SJ is doing and that's great news for everyone, especially us!

So Love These Red Cheeks!
Move Over...Mommy's Coming To Watch Cartoons Too!

This Is The Picture They Posted In The Article With Ingram And Matt

The above is the link to the online magazine article.  The video clips that were made at St. Jude should air Thursday night during the draft!!

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