CONQUER Shop Update

In honor of our school "GOING GREEN!" on Monday April 29th for Ingram's scans, we've added a new shirt to the CONQUER Shop and updated the inventory for the regular shirts.  We have the original green Team Ingram shirt, the grey CONQUER shirt in short sleeves and a few long sleeves, but have added a super cool running shirt!  You've probably seen pictures of them through the blog the last few weeks, because one of us wears one just about every day!  We're taking these running shirts for a "test run" so we only bought a few of each size; you may want to purchase them while they're in stock (there's only 10)!   

You can access the Shop through the picture of the CONQUER shirt on the top right of the blog or you can go directly to the website at and then to the "shop" icon on the screen. 

We also have a few upcoming events in the works to raise money for St. Jude and will release details once we know them. Of course, if you want to donate to St. Jude without waiting on an event or a shirt order, we would love to help with that too so let us know! 

Madison Is Wearing The Grey CONQUER Shirt!
Lindsey Is Wearing The New Green Running Shirt!
Ingram Is Wearing The Original Team Ingram Shirt!
"Get Your Move On!" And Order A Shirt If You Don't Have One Already!

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