Monday April 29th, Scan Day!

Our day started early at St. Jude but even before Ingram had his poke, the girls had their own excitement at school.  Our local news station, WMCTV Channel 5, was at our school waiting to see everyone "Going Green" for Ingram and the girls.  Ben Watson and his crew toured Dogwood and interviewed Madison, Lindsey, and Mrs. Berry (Lindsey's teacher) and also got lots of the students and faculty wearing their green and signing banners for Ingram.   

Ingram was his regular comical self and had fun all day long...even getting poked and getting his sleepy medicine was an adventure in laughter.  When he woke up in the recovery room, he was as drunk as a skunk and it was taking us forever to figure out what he was saying!  He was making everyone laugh and even tried to get us to let him walk out of the recovery room when he couldn't even sit up in his bed.  Once we had him to where he could be strapped in his seat belt, we headed home to see the girls since it was such a big day for everyone.  The news story aired on the Action News 5 tonight and made waiting on Ingram's test results a little easier!   Seeing our girls surrounded by green and kids of all ages signing posters for Ingram was just what our hearts needed.

We unexpectedly received the unofficial results tonight stating that there were no tumor cells present in Ingram's spinal fluid or on his MRI!!!  We will receive the official results when we meet with our doctor tomorrow and review all the results and also discuss our next plan.  Our whole family appreciates all the prayers, messages, phone calls, and emails that have been coming our way especially today.  Our Doctors are great!  Ingram is a stud!  Madison and Lindsey are awesome!   But God is totally and overwhelmingly full of Grace!
The above link goes directly to the article/video from the news crew at the best school ever...Dogwood Elementary School!

Bring It On Nurse Lisa! 
You're Looking At 38 Pounds Of Pure Bravery!

Look!  It's Us!

Yeah, You Know We Look Good!

Apparently Someone Can't Stand Up By Himself!

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