Saturday and Sunday April 6th and 7th, Look At Him Now!

April 6th 2012 Ingram went into surgery to have his brain tumor removed.  He "slept" for pretty much a whole day other than when he was being moved for his post surgery MRI's and when he was throwing up from the surgery and medicines.  Thanks to our sweet friends who took care of our girls and brought them to us at the hospital, they were able to see Ingram a few hours after surgery before they went back to our house with our parents.  We spent a day and a night in the ICU before we moved to back to our room on the NeuroScience Institute floor at Lebonheur and he continued to sleep off and on, throw up more on than off, and fight every single nurse that tried to "mess" with him. 

April 7th 2012 our nurses put Ingram in my lap for the first time and I didn't move at all because I was scared I would move him the wrong way and hurt him.  He laid in my lap and slept off and on for about 3 hours and I don't even have words to describe how I felt.  Craig also held him that day and that evening he seemed to be at the end of his vomiting and started to hold down Popsicles and juice.  That evening was a turning point in Ingram and he's kept improving ever since!

April 6th 2013 Ingram had his first ever sports team/individual pictures and he couldn't have been more excited!  He also got to run around on the soccer field with the girls at their practice today and then continued to run around the yard and all up and down the street with the neighbors for the rest of the day.  A year ago we were worried about him losing the ability to walk or speak from his surgery and now we can't keep him still or quiet.  How great is our God who gave our doctors and nurses such talents and steady hands to help Ingram get through surgery with the least possible side effects!   

April 7th 2013 Ingram was able to spend the afternoon playing baseball with G-Mommy and Uncle Butch (he called his Uncle Bush the whole time) and the rest of us in the front yard.  He was hitting balls left and right and running the bases to avoid getting nailed by Daddy who was throwing tennis balls to get the girls out while they were running the bases; and no, he didn't throw Ingram the ball at Ingram at all!  After getting exhausted by baseball, Ingram talked G- Mommy and Uncle Butch into a game of Candyland where we noticed he has gained a new cognitive ability...cheating!  I'm not sure where it came from, but it sure was funny listening to his version of the game.  And so the night went on with a full table for dinner and lots of laughter!

He Wasn't Scared At All Going Into Surgery!

The Last Official Picture Of All Of The Bright Red Shaggy Hair!

His Incision Site Along With Missing Hair :(

The First Time Out Since Surgery!

Ingram The Conqueror Is Now Officially A Red Sox!

At Least Most Of Them Are Looking At The Photographer?

The Candyland Corruption Scandal Begins!

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