Tuesday April 30th, Official Report: CLEAR!

And the official reading from the best children's Brain Tumor Oncologist and the most well known Ependymoma doctor said that Ingram's scan was clear!  You could say that we at the Dismuke house are just a little bit excited and relieved.  For some reason, both of us were a little more nervous about this scan than the others; I'm sure it was the timing of everything with it all hitting around the anniversaries for each stage in Ingram's treatment.  We also know that Ingram's cancer is an aggressive one that has recurred in many other Ependymoma patients that we know.  We also know that every time he has a headache or throws up or gets sick, we will always think to ourselves "Is it back?" and send ourselves into a little bit of panic because cancer is our reality now. 

Dr. Gajjar gave us the official news this morning and then we went started discussing Ingram's port removal which is a huge deal.  His port has been used ever since April 25th, 2012 to draw his labs, give him sleepy medicine, antibiotics, blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, but most importantly his chemo drugs.  We're kind of attached to it, but ready to move on to the next stage in Ingram's journey.  We'll be getting it out in about a month after Ingram completes a 21-day course of antibiotics for a pretty severe sinus infection; we thought it was just allergies, but the MRI showed otherwise and Ingram has never complained about any symptoms.  They said he was a tough cookie which we knew already!

After we left St. Jude, we stopped by Oak Hall to sign up for the 26th Annual Oak Hall Run For St. Jude!  They still have space for many more runners and are taking registrations even on race day.  The race itself is this Sunday, May 5th at 3pm with Race Day Registration starting at noon.  Our whole crew will be running in the race and we look forward to Ingram saying "Get Your Move On!" right before Danny's Dream Team blows the horn to start the race.  It should be a beautiful day outside and a very family friendly event to raise money for St. Jude.

Once again..."Scans Are Clear! Scans Are Clear!"

Shark Face...In Case You Haven't Seen It In A While!

See Y'all Sunday!


  1. Best news in the world. Congrats!!!!
    Hugs from California,
    Love & Matt & the rest of us

  2. I had tears as I read the news! Tears of JOY!!!! We love you Ingram!!!
    Love, Mandy & Nolan