Thursday and Friday April 4th and 5th, Remembering Funny Stuff!

Thursday was another fantastic day at Preschool for Ingram!  He loves going to school so much and talks about going back all the time.  Once he got home from school, it was time for another swimming lesson at The Pool School, but it didn't go as well as the first day.  Soccer and t-ball was cancelled because of the rain, but not Ultimate Frisbee for Madison; it was mid 40's and drizzling/raining the whole time and she loved it!  All the 5th graders and Mr. Bozeman were soaking wet and muddy but they were all smiling and laughing when they left.  After an active day for all three of the kids it was off to bed for a good night's rest.

Ingram and Nolan met at Chick Fil A on Friday for an extra fun play date; yes, I went with him and so did Mandy (Nolan's Mom) but they didn't exactly need us there.  Those two were quite the pair eating their food, running around the playground, and even ordering their ice cream and getting drink refills by themselves.  At one point they were so sweaty from playing that they wiped themselves with the hand wipes to cool themselves down.  After school, we enjoyed the sunshine outdoors for as long as we could with our neighbors before our stomachs were begging us for dinner.  The bad thing of the night was that we tricked Ingram into going to bed (at 9pm) so that we could stay up and watch Parental Guidance with the girls!  We figured that he wouldn't really understand the movie and he definitely needed a good night's sleep. 

At different points during these two days, we all made comments about what we were doing at that very moment last year, especially about how crazy Ingram was since he was on steroids to control the swelling in his brain until his surgery.  The funniest story we recounted was on Thursday the 5th when we checked the girls out of school early to talk to the Child Life Specialist about the actual surgery and everything that would happen to Ingram.  Our kids have always been pretty energetic, but when you add being cooped up in a hospital room for several days to a 3 and a half year old on steroids, it gets pretty interesting!  All three of the kids were in the hospital bed and they had discovered the buttons that move every part of the bed.  Well this particular moment, our doctor walked in and the room is filled with family and friends and of course the kids AND the kids were touching the ceiling because they had raised the bed all the way up!  I mean, what were we supposed to do...tell our newly diagnosed kid with a tumor and emotionally fragile girls to stop??  Crazy huh?  Guess we should have figured out "parenting in hospital rooms" a little earlier, but hey...they were having fun and even the doctor and nurses and everyone else that came to see them was laughing too!

"Do I Have To Get My Face In The Water?"

Nothing Like Rain, Mud, And Fifth Graders Playing Ultimate Frisbee!

Nolan And Ingram Ordering Their Ice Cream!

Sweaty Boys Sipping Some Fruit Punch!

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