Friday December 14th, Family Time!!

Early this morning, Ingram snuck down and crawled in the bed with us and finished out his sleepy time smack dab in the middle of our bed.  It's a good thing that Craig is the most sound sleeper in the world because Ingram was "moving and grooving" in the bed for the rest of the morning; part of that moving and grooving were his feet in the middle of my back!  But, he's just so much fun to wake up to because he gets so excited when it's time to get out of bed. 

We met Mrs. Brokke for lunch today at Moe's but once we were there and ready to go in, Ingram decided that he wanted Chick Fil A.  Lucky for him the Chick Fil A was just across the parking lot and there wasn't a line in the drive thru.  After a fun lunch, we headed back to the house for a late afternoon nap.  Ingram woke up right before the bus got home and I have to say that after today's school tragedies in the Connecticut and China, I was very grateful to hug them and hold them and tell them I loved them. 

Tonight we spent time as a family eating pizza, tacos, and watching Elosie At Christmas among a few other things!  Apparently there was some sneakiness going on at our house, but Ingram wouldn't tell me what was happening.  At one point, I caught Craig and Ingram running through the kitchen with the duck tape.  Speaking of mischief...Beau is officially on the "Naughty" list and has the strong possibility of getting coal in his stocking this year.  After his latest shenanigans, I have a feeling he won't be getting the treats that are hidden for Christmas!  Without getting him into too much trouble, I'll just a few of the examples:  chewing the Christmas light cords again, chewing up a package that got delivered, chewing up his bed, chewing up Ingram's shovel, and....

Ingram And Mrs. Brokke!
We Had A Great Time Catching Up Over Moe's And Chick Fil A! 

Oh The Trouble You Cause Beau!!
Coal Is In Your Future!!!

Daddy And Ingram Are Up To Something!

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