Thursday December 13th, Hair Raising Experience!

Wow!  What a great day!  First Ingram was able to go to school again and had so much fun with his preschool friends.  They even had a Christmas party and Ingram told me that "Christmas was all about Jesus."  I love that he already knows the true meaning of Christmas...and he's only four years old!

After school, we headed over to the Tuxedo store so that Ingram could entertain all the ladies that were working.  While he was being Mr. Entertainer, they were fitting him for a tuxedo for Mr. David and Ms. Laurie's big day at the end of the month.  We got home just in time to beat the bus home and fix a pizza for the girls for their snack and then another one for their dinner.  These crazy girls are going to be pizza'd out if that's possible after tomorrow's lunch at school!

One of Ingram's friends, Lucy Hogue, brought over her dad Chris to let Ingram shave his head!  Chris's office, NexTech, and his family raised $2500.00 in order for Chris to shave his head for Ingram and the kids at St. Jude! It was so much fun, but Lucy didn't quite understand why Ingram was running around acting like a wild banchi.  Ingram hadn't shaved any one's head in a few weeks and his eyes lit up when he had a hold of the clippers.  He is quite a good barber, but his girls finally talked him into letting them shave a row or two also.  

We also got a hold of some pictures from the St. Jude Marathon Weekend that are very exciting!!  Lindsey's whole 3rd grade class, Mrs. Berry's Bullfrogs, went "Green" to support Lindsey!  They had a "Go Green!" day in class and they all created a CONQUER banner to encourage Lindsey and all of us!  This is just one of the reasons we love Mrs. Berry and Dogwood Elementary School soooo much!

Oh Yeah, Little Man Getting Ready To Get His Move On!

Ingram With Chris And Lucy Hogue!
Say Bye-Bye To The Hair!!

Chris To Lucy..."So Does It Look Good?"
Lucy To Chris..."NO!"

Chris To Lucy..."Come On Lucy, At Least Smile For Daddy...Please??"
Lucy To Chris..."NO!"
Berry's Bullfrogs Going Green!

"And Get Your Move On!!!"

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