Tuesday December 11th, A Tricky Tuesday!

Ingram made it to preschool again today and was soooo excited to be able to see his friends.  Even though it was cold, the classes still went outside to play, bundled in their coats and hats, and Ingram had so much fun running around on the playground.  I picked him up a little early to get him to Daddy's office so that they could go to St. Jude for Ingram's appointments this afternoon.  When I got there and peeked in the room, Ingram was still asleep and looked so cute with his arms up and his hands behind his head.  When I asked him about it, he said he sleeps like a flower and that's a pretty good comparison for a four year old; I don't think I would have thought of that!

So why did we have to meet Daddy to go to St. Jude you ask?  Well, let me tell you...I cracked my crown Saturday morning about an hour before we were set to leave for Lindsey's birthday party, but was doing okay just eating on the other side, at least until I forgot and cracked it a little more last night!   Dr. Clayton Floriani, the best dentist in the world at giving shots, was able to work me into the schedule today and spent a couple hours working on my tooth.  I guess you could say that I turned into a Queen today since I got "crowned!"  The best part of the office visit was having a fourth of my face numb for about five hours AND wearing some super cool shades to make sure nothing got in my eyes.  We should get Ingram to model these shades like he did the other ones Saturday night during his fashion show with his cousins. 

While I was at the dentist, even though I couldn't talk, I was replying to Craig's text messages about St. Jude stuff.  He and Ingram had a great time at his Speech appointment and also at his Clinic appointment and even got snacks in the cafeteria and candy from the gift shop.  We had been a little nervous about a few changes that we had seen in Ingram over the past little while, but Dr. Gajjar and our nurse Lizzie were able to put our fears to rest after a detailed check-up.  I was patiently waiting to hear from them, but knew they were having a fun time at SJ so I tried not to worry much.  Finally Craig called but it was 30 seconds after Clayton had put some sort of stuff in my teeth for a mold for my new crown so I couldn't answer it; then I read the words "not worried" and an enormous sigh of relief came out right before I started pounding away on the keypad asking questions.  He filled me in on the conversation once they got home and Ingram ran up and gave me the biggest hug of the day! 

Nolan, Jake, And Ingram!
These Boys Are Crazy, But They Sure Love Playing Together!

You Know You Want To Wear These Shades!!
I Was Laughing Not Only About The Shades, But I Couldn't Tell If I Was Smiling Or Not!!

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