Tuesday December 18th, We HATE Cancer!

Although today was supposed to be an exciting and fun filled day, cancer once again ruined it.  Craig and I continued to go through the motions of today even though I had several meltdowns as we continued with our commitments with the kids.  Madison realized I was upset and asked me what was wrong at the same time as she read the words "our Angel Cole was called to Heaven."  She had this look of sorrow come over her face and she leaned her head on my shoulder and continued to read quietly until she got to "Cole is playing in Heaven with his St. Jude friends Jayden and Landan and he is cancer free!"  Somehow she let out a small chuckle amidst her sadness and said quietly "He's cancer free now."  She also realized that makes three close friends of Ingram's to lose their battle against cancer and I could tell that bothered her. 

We hate cancer even more today.  Cancer took a sweet friend of ours today and we're not happy about it.  Cole Christensen was one of Ingram's friends and one of "the four boys" who did radiation together and played together in the Radiation Clinic since they were all the same age.  Cole is extra special to us because he and Ingram have been diagnosed with the same type of cancer, Anaplastic Ependymoma.  Since he finished with his treatment in June, his tumor came back for the fourth time and eventually took over his little body.  His mother Amy, father Chris, and sweet big sister Lexie, as well as the rest of his family and friends, have been through so much in his short life, but they never gave up on their faith and never gave up on fighting for Cole. 

For our family, being diagnosed with cancer was a very difficult thing and it has been hard on a daily basis, but we still have Ingram here with us.  We as parents, and more specifically as "cancer parents," cannot imagine what Cole's parents and family are going through right now.  We have seen first hand how God has comforted families that have lost their children to cancer and we just pray that God continues to give Cole's family and all the other families His grace to get through each moment of each day. 

Sweet MiraCole! 

The Boys
Landan, Jayden, Ingram, And Cole
I Know I've Posted This Picture Before, But...


  1. I'm so sad to hear the news about sweet Cole. Amazing that he held out through his sister's birthday, and almost to Christmas. What an amazing kid. Thoughts and prayers for his family.


  2. I hate cancer with a passion as well....praying for the families that loose their kids way to young. (Jack "JT" Sedory)

  3. I'm praying for their family and for yours. And for Ingram to remain cancer free. I haven't met you guys, but I love your family and proudly wear my Conquer shirt!
    I came home to Michigan for Christmas and saw Ingram on a billboard near Detroit! I love seeing his smiling face where ever I go. :)