Saturday and Sunday December 15th and 16th, So Totally Fun Weekend!

I don't know about anyone else, but this crazy weather is driving us here at the Dismuke house crazy!  It's December and it should be cold outside, but it's so totally not; the kids have been outside in shorts and short sleeves this weekend at different points and then in long sleeves at other points.  Then the rain and wind has to be added in and it's even more crazy!  Oh well, I guess that's what we get for living in Memphis where we don't always have the best of the four seasons. 

Our Saturday started out with an almost 2 hour Goalie session for Madison!  In case you missed the forecast, it was cold and rainy here Saturday morning and it only took about a 20 minute hot shower to warm Madison back up.  Craig was also just as cold because he was the "ball boy" and returned the soccer ball over and over when it went astray.  After they got home and warmed up, Madison's bedroom makeover began!!  She's been wanting her own room for a while and finally we decided it might be time to rearrange the kids.  It's going to be a work in progress, but we have begun and she is super excited!  She even let Ingram AND Lindsey sleep in her bed last night. 

Saturday night the Stegall family came over for dinner and our house went from crazy to crazier!  They have four boys, the older two are Lindsey's age and the youngest is a year older than Ingram.  Needless to say, our house and front yard were loud and full of energy.  We couldn't decide which was the best part but maybe from the pictures, you'll get an idea of how fun it was!  The kids played soccer, hide and seek, jumped on the beds, played Wii, had dinner, made S'mores, and played "Tickle Monster!"  The best picture though has to be the picture of two of the four boys asleep in their car...on a three minute ride to their house!

Sunday was another day filled with crazy weather and playing outside!  After church, we had nine kids plus Beau in the front yard playing for about two hours.  They played hide and go seek, baseball, football, soccer, and even climbed in the ditch to get a few balls out that mysteriously went in.  They had some pretty creative hiding spots and I was impressed with how long they played the same game; of course, I guess since Ingram was with them, it was the easiest game to play and Ingram's favorite too!

We also had our "Newsong Christmas" service at church and it was great!  The girls were so cute sitting across the aisle with their friends and every few minutes, we had to remind Ingram that he couldn't sit with them.  Finally at the end with the last set of songs, we let him sit with the girls and they were so excited!  Afterwards, while we were catching up with friends, the kids were once again playing hide and seek in the hallways at church.  Apparently the "don't run in church" rule didn't apply since it wasn't Sunday morning and Ingram came back to us with a beat red face that matched his cowboy boots that he was wearing.  It didn't take much for the kids to go to  bed tonight since they had been running just about ALL day!


Just A Little Bit Of Controlled Chaos!!

Will, Ingram, Max, Rhett, Ben, And Lindsey!
Madison Was To Comfortable Sitting With Daddy To Get Up!

The Tickle Monsters Getting Their "Stretch" On!

Before We Even Started, These Boys Were Taunting The Tickle Monsters!
They Had No Idea What They Were Doing!!
Lindsey Wasn't About To Taunt; She's Been Down This Road Before!!

After 30 Minutes Of Running Around Like Crazy Tickling And Getting Tickled,
One Of The Tickle Monsters Was Caught!
And They Were Not About To Let Him Up!!

Boys Seem To Be Soooo Creative With Their Hiding Spots!

Monkey See, Monkey Do!
All Lindsey Had To Do Was Wait For Her To Get Down To Tag Her!
She Was Saying "Yawn! Yawn! Yawn!" Over And Over While She Waited!

Get Him Ingram!
Noah, Grey, Daniel, And Brennan Playing Baseball With Ingram!

Now Off To The Scooters!
Brennan And Ingram "Racing" Down The Street!

We Got A Little Soccer, A Little Football, A Little Racing,
And A Little Swinging Going On! 

Noak, Madison, Ingram, Daniel, Grey, Brennan, Max, Ally, And Lindsey!
Oh Summer In The Neighborhood Is Going To Be Soooo Much Fun!

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