Monday December 3rd, Hello St. Jude; So Nice To See You!!

Have I ever mentioned how nice it is to go back to St. Jude for appointments now since we're not there very often.  We went from daily appointments during treatment for seven months down to one appointment a week, then to every other week. Ingram hadn't been accessed since the end of October for his post-treatment scans and today was the day to re-visit that fun time in Assessment/Triage. Ingram did really great today and I really owe it all to our sweet nurse, Ms. Virginia! I just love her and we have had many milestones in the lab sitting in her room. Today, Ingram was starting to cry and get upset about getting poked and Nurse Virginia was able to "turn his frown upside down" and had him laughing before and during his poke. I cannot sufficiently explain how special St. Jude is to us, and Nurse Virginia is definitely on our top ten list!

Ingram was, of course, a little character all day at the hospital and played with Mae for a good 30 minutes while I was talking to her mom, Tricia, and others. After we got our move on over to the Medicine Room, Ingram had his monthly antibiotic infusion for the pneumonia that he is at risk of getting because of a certain set of counts. Speaking of counts, all of his other labs looked great today which is good since he's going to school tomorrow for a regular day. He's so excited about going back and playing all day with his friends at Germantown Baptist Church Weekday Preschool! He's been begging to go back ever since we visited for three hours that day and I guess it's just one more step toward going back to some sort of normal for him. 

Before we left St. Jude today, we spent some time with our friends Heather and Russ McClure. Their daughter Ashlynn was sedated in the MRI Suite so they can figure out exactly what they're dealing with this time. Sweet Ashlynn went through radiation and chemotherapy the same time we did and finished about a month before us. She has what's called Triton Tumor and it has come back within a couple months of finishing treatment. Please keep her parents, her sister, and the rest of their family in your prayers as they figure out what treatment will be best for her. Also keep the Christensen family in your prayers too as they are nearing the transition "from our hands to His hands."

Ingram with Ms. Chastity and Mrs. Penny!
Two More Of The Reasons We Love St. Jude!

And Mrs. Gloria Is Another Reason!
She Brings A Smile Every Morning When We Check In For The Day!

Someone Is Going To Need Some New Pants!
Today's Assessment Confirmed I Was Not Losing My Mind.
His Pants From The Past Two Years Are Now Officially Too Short!!

Being A Silly Billy During His Last IV Antibiotic Treatment (That We Know Of)!

Has Anyone Seen Ingram? 
He Was Just Here??
I Hope I Didn't Lose Him...Again!

Adding On Top Of Our Regular Fun Day... A Fire Alarm!!
You Just Never Know What Excitement A Day Will Bring!
 And No, We Didn't Pull The Alarm; Although That Would Have Been Even More Exciting!
We Love The Memphis Fire Department!!!

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  1. Hello, I am a member of Team ESA (Epsilon Sigma Alpha) at the Memphis Marathon, we have participated in the marathon for 10 years and have been raising funds for St. Jude since 1972. Your family and many others are reason we keep going until no child dies in the dawn of life! God's blessing to all of you! Awesome job fund-raising also!