Saturday and Sunday December 22nd and 23rd, Busy Weekend!

It's been like a whirlwind at our house for days and I don't think there's an end in sight.  Even with Christmas right around the corner, there will be still so much to do for days or even weeks.  In addition to getting ready for Christmas, we've also been doing some remodeling around the house and also playing with friends and family a bunch.

Saturday was a beautiful day that started out cold!  Madison had Goalie training again and hit the ground hard for over an hour.  She's learning to dive and roll and come up blocking the ball too.  Have we mentioned that she's a Rockstar Goalie??  Lindsey and Ingram stayed home and played with friends while she got her soccer moves on in the afternoon too.  She also had an Indoor game and then had her Legends party. 

The Rooker family stopped over to get some last minute "Ingram" luck before they head to Miami for Brent's Home Run contest where he's hitting home runs while the announcers talk about Ingram and St. Jude.  We can't wait to see how many home runs he hits and to also spread more awareness about St. Jude and childhood cancer.  After the Rookers left, we headed over to the Wingfield's house to have dinner.  The kids all had fun together and  our Lindsey even attempted a new food...she at least licked her fork with a little bit of homemade lasagna on it.  That girl is such a booger when it comes to trying new foods; I guess one day it will just click and she'll realize she shouldn't live on macaroni and chicken. 

Who can't end the night playing Tickle Monster?  Well, our family isn't the only one that loves tickle monster and all 8 kids (this includes both Dismuke Daddy and the Wingfield Daddy) had a blast running around the upstairs of the house in the dark playing the Wingfield version of Tickle Monster.  It's quite easy to get injured during this version because of the "dark" factor, but also because Madison and Lindsey taught Abby, Matt, and Kate how to run full force and attach the Tickle Monsters before they get tickled.  Oh the noises we heard that night!

After church on Sunday, we started some major changes on the house!  For some reason, Madison and Lindsey (19 and a half months apart in age) decided to move apart from each other and have their own rooms.  They've shared a room since they were 2 and 3 years old, but it had finally gotten to them and they need their own space if you know what I mean!  It's going to be a long process, but it also meant that Ingram's room had to be moved too and he has taken over the guest bedroom and gave his room with it's own bathroom to Lindsey.  We moved their belongings for a while before we moved on to a short road trip to Jackson Tennessee.

Both of our grandmothers, Granny and Grandmother, are 90 years old and live in Jackson so we decided to go up and see them for the afternoon; we even brought Grandmother (who is able to travel still) home with us for a couple days.  Granny was so surprised to see us and was so sweet to let the kids roll all around in her wheelchair.  She lives in an assisted living apartment and we had fun seeing her and the kids couldn't get enough of her wheelchair; the good thing about the chair is that even though her room is small, they didn't hit the wall toooo much in it.  We stopped by Grandmothers house too and dropped off our "Dismuke Family Christmas" stuff and are looking forward to seeing the rest of the family on Christmas as we continue another one of our traditions by having Christmas at Grandmothers house with Craig's side of the family.  We feel so lucky for the kids to be able to enjoy their Great-Grandmothers, especially at Christmas, and it just won't be the same when they're gone. 

Please continue to pray for our friends the Adams, the Blands, and the Christensens as this will be their first Christmas without their sweet boys.  We feel truly blessed to have gotten to know them while they were at St. Jude, but can't imagine their heartache they are going through on a daily basis but especially during Christmas holidays. 

Madison, Granny, Lindsey, And Ingram!
If We Let The Kids Loose In Granny's Room,
They Would Be Having Wheelchair Races Down The Hallway!

Pam (aka Mimi or Mom), Granny, And Ashley
Do You Notice Any Family Resemblance?

The St. Jude Commercial With Our Friends Mae, Bailey, And Jennifer Aniston
Came On During A Rare Quiet Moment At Our House So Madison Recorded It.
Mae Is On The Left And Bailey Is On The Right!

Josh, Alden, Lindsey, Brent, Ingram, And Madison
Go Brent Go!  Hit 'Em Hard!!

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