Monday and Tuesday December 24th and 25th Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas was a little bit different to say the least around the Dismuke house!  Both of our parents were here and the kids 90 year old Great-Grandmother too; the kids were soooo excited to have them all spending the night for the first time ever! 

We all did last minute rushing around during the day for things we had forgotten, and we made it to on time church for the Christmas Eve Service.  The service was so special and the best part for us was when they asked all the kids to come up to the front.  They sang a couple songs but right in the middle of the singing, Ingram got up and started running...straight to where we were sitting and climbed up in my lap just because he wanted to give me a hug and a kiss!  My heart melted and my eyes started to water then off he went to sit back down and sing some more.  I think I was the luckiest Mom in the room that night!  After the service the whole crew, all 10 of us, headed to eat dinner together at the restaurant of Ingram's choice, Waffle House and it was another night to remember.  Once we got home and got the kids to bed, Phase II of Madison's Room Makeover began.  Craig, G-Daddy, G-Mommy, and Pops started painting Madison's room while Mimi and me finished up everything downstairs.  I think by 2am (maybe) we had all the parents in bed and the Craig stayed up till about 4 finishing up Madison's room. 

But...Christmas morning started very early after only a few hours of sleep!  The kids slept in our room on a pallet like usual for Christmas Eve, and once the girls scoped out all the stockings and Santa surprises, they decided to wake up Ingram.  After about one minute, he came back into our room and told me Santa gave him a car then crawled back into his spot and covered his head with his blanket.  He wasn't seen or heard from again until I finally woke up Daddy after 8am because we just couldn't wait anymore.  Once he came out, the party officially started and continued non stop until close to midnight!!  In addition to the ten of us that were already there, my sister Amye and her crew came down and joined the chaos for lunch!  After all of the chaos of lunch, presents, and running around crazy, we headed to Jackson for the Dismuke family Christmas at Grandmothers house with Craig's side of the family.  Another big meal, more presents, and lots of candy later, we drove home during the beginning of the snow, icky rain, and freezing temperatures without any incidents. 

As we were putting the kids in bed (at almost midnight) on Christmas night, Daddy and Madison were talking about our day.  She said that the best present out of everything was Ingram and once again, my heart melted.  Madison has been known to say the sweetest things at the right moments before, and this conversation was no different.  Aside from Jesus' birth which ultimately leads to our salvation being the reason for celebrating Christmas, Ingram was second in line as what we are most grateful for right now.  Last Christmas was great because it was so fun to see him getting into everything and all the time we were able to spend with our friends and family, but this Christmas was even better for the sole reason of him being here with us.  God has perfect timing of everything and for right now, we are enjoying holding and cuddling all of our children each and every day.

Christmas Eve Service At First Evan With The Kids On Stage Singing!
Such A Sweet Little Surprise!

Ingram's Favorite Mode Of Transportation To Dinner...On G-Daddy's Back!

Madison's New Double Purple Room
Thanks To All The Grandparents And Daddy!

Lindsey's Temporary Green Room..Her "Re-Model" Will Happen Very
Soon With Some Pretty Bright Paint Colors...Imagine That!

I'm Not Sure Who's More Excited?
In This Picture It Looks Like Madison Might Be More Excited;
But Then Again,  Ingram Was Pretty Tired!!
Baby It's Cold Outside!!
Daddy's Favorite Present...One Of Ingram's Balls That He Wrapped Himself!

Look Who Might Get Put Back On The Naughty List!
It's Lunchtime...Not Candy Time!

Super Cool Photo Collage From SJ Marathon Weekend Pictures
 That Craig Put Together On A Stretched Canvas!

Mimi And Pops!
Bring On The Caffeine...4 Hours Of Sleep Is Not Enough!

Grandmother Is Ready For The Chaos Of The Dismuke House!
We Love Having Her Spend The Night Every Christmas Eve!

G-Mommy's Already Thinking This Is Going To Be A Long, But Fun Day!
It's Her Favorite Time Of Year Too!

The Whole "Jones" Family
Len, Amye, Brett, and Carley, Mimi and Pops, And Our Crazy Crew!
Ready Aim FIRE!!!
Grandmother's House Was Littered With Mini Marshmallows!
Thanks Aunt Leigh!!

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